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January – February – March | Relationships

Communicate: Get Your Partner to Feel You Rather than Hear You (MC01)

January 27 | 12:00 CST and January 28 | 9 am CST

A program which focuses on how to communicate with someone you care for in a way that they can’t help to hear and see you as a person who has needs. This is an essential piece necessary before making any life-changing decisions about your partnership.

2+ hours of content | $97.00

Finding the One! (MC03)

February 10

This is a fun program where we discuss how to confidently find the one and only or be sure you are in a relationship where this is the one and only. I will teach you to lead yourself in a relationship and ask confidently what you need from the relationship.

2 days | $77.00

Magical Feminine Energy (MC07)

March 8, 9, 10

Tap into the feeling part of you that you may have shut off prematurely in order to not get hurt. Open your heart and your eyes to your own unique magic. This programme will allow you to see all of your beauty and magic that only a woman can possess.

3 days | $111.00

April – May – June | Self-Worth Self-Confidence Self-Love

Motivated to Move (MC04)

When you incorporate functional movement into your life, exercise becomes effortless. Exercise is not about weight loss. It is about mental health, strengthening your immune system, structural integrity, and loving yourself. Motivation will be discussed!! It is about honouring your vessel.

1 day | $55.00

Using Food as Medicine for the Mind, Body, and Soul (MC05)

This is about reprogramming your relationship with food, so you see it for what it was always meant to be – a method for communal gathering and a means to heal you and bring you great joy. Food plans to suite your personal condition will be discussed.

3 days | $111.00

Stopping the Inner Critic (MC06)

Stop yourself from the self-deprecation and slander that often occurs when you feel you have erred. Let go of the past! Learn instead to laugh at your mistakes and see yourself in an entirely new way. See how you can light up the room again. You will be reminded of your own integrity and be able to hold your ground.

3 days | $111.00

Leaving a Relationship With Clarity and Confidence (MC02)

It is paramount that you leave this relationship feeling that you have made an informed decision. Relationships are complex but there are some commonalities among those relationships that last and those that cannot continue. When the fear of the unknown is reduced you have more agency to make the right choice.

(Pre-recorded) Evergreen course that can be accessed at any time.

3 days | $111.00 **

45 Days of Self-Love (MC08)

This includes a short self-love hypnotic meditation plus 60+ days of an inspiring short message sent to your inbox to keep you on your path to self-love.

(Pre-recorded) Evergreen course that can be accessed at any time.

6 days | $25.00

July – August – September | Unlock Your Potential

What is predictable, what is probable, and what is your potential for your online business (MC09)

Over the years I have noticed that most clients feel that their situation is different, and because it is different they want to know the ‘how’ of making your business work. It is not the how, it is who you are when you are doing it. The answer is using all parts of you and your uniqueness to make the sale.

3 days | $111.00

Get Comfortable Getting Noticed (MC10)

Content marketing and everything about how to make friends with social media.

2 days | $77.00

How to Stay Accountable and Consistent (MC11)

If you are someone struggling with what to post, when to post, how to post you are too much in the ‘doing’ and not enough in the being. This class will make is less effortless to show up.

2 days | $77.00

October – November – December | The Secret to Celebrating Yourself

Battling Inferiority/Superiority Complex (MC12)

Few people realize how they actually feel when they enter a relationship. Do you feel equal in your power? Lesser than? Higher than? If not equal power, this is why your relationship is not as ideal as what you may want it to be.

3 days | $111.00

Feeling Confident while Dealing with Difficult People (MC13)

The best way of summarizing this class is a journey into knowing and owning your worth. You likely just forgot the fact that you were ONCE confident. It is all about trusting that you have everything you need within you right now. I will teach you how to act on it.

2 days | $77.00

Family Conflict and Avoidance (MC14)

Oh…the stories we play in our head about how this family member doesn’t get me and will never get me. What it really comes down to is having the courage to speak of your own human experience of what occurred in the past – fully knowing that they have their own – and appreciating and honouring that as well. While doing all of this you have the best intention of making this relationship better.

2 days | $77.00

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