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My purpose is to help individuals to believe in themselves and I do this through coaching, therapy and functional medicine.
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When you decide on therapy, you are asking to heal past wounds. Congratulations on taking this first step toward growth.


I help individuals claim full ownership of the state of their relationships, health, and careers and make the necessary changes to improve all or one of these areas.

When you decide on coaching, you grow and evolve for a lifetime. Congratulations.

Mind & Body

To reach a true sense of healing, we will include lifestyle changes and various other means of liberating unwanted thought processes.

I solve this type of problem for this specific type of person:

Women who realize they are failing in their relationships and are ready to do the inner work to improve their lives.

I do this in this unique way:

By getting them to focus on themselves instead of their partner to see that they are of equal power to their partner but different (power). See your partner for their power, and you also see what you bring to the relationship. You do not need to be superior to them or inferior to them, just equal in your power. It is a respectful relationship. You bond through your values.

If they are inferior, I have them incorporate self-love exercises. I read their energy and call on Spirit to guide me to give them the direction they need.

If they are superior, I remind them to lead through their hearts/intuition and feminine energy. Many women need to reconnect to this energy to be more playful, creative, and loving.

And thus, it reduces their deepest darkest fear of Divisive energy in the house, a chaotic house. Most of the time, there is yelling, arguing, children affected, women losing their self-esteem, and men losing their ability to provide. So many women realize they cannot live here anymore but cannot imagine moving away. There is so much fear and hopelessness at this stage.


“I have been seeing Dr. Jonk for over a year now for OCD and anxiety related issues. Dr. Jonk has helped me overcome many obstacles such as breaking my OCD “rituals” as well as helping me rewire my thinking when I’m having a panic attack. I wasn’t able to leave the house easily before seeing Dr. Jonk and now I can confidently leave the house to run errands, go to work and see my friends without having immense panic. When I started seeing Dr. Jonk I was not only mentally ill but having physical reactions from my mental health. Through Dr. Jonk’s functional medicine I was able to figure out why I was having some of the physical reactions I was having and how I could better my system. After six months of changing my eating, taking the supplements I was lacking and focusing on healing my gut I can honestly say my body feels the healthiest it’s ever been. If it wasn’t for Dr Jonk I wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I’m so grateful I took the leap to seek therapy and functional medicine. I would
recommend her to any of my family or friends and actually have already recommended her to many of them. Thank you for everything.”

C.I., Female, 24 y.o.

“From the moment I met Luella I felt at ease. I felt like she understood me and was able to help me verbalize my feelings to my partner. After our session I felt heard and understood which is something I have not felt in a long time. I can tell she genuinely cares and has such a passion to help individuals with their struggles.”

R.K. | Winnipeg

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