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Did you take your Vitamin N today?

We all need it, and when you were young, you craved it daily. That magic little green pill. NATURE! If I think back to when I was a kid, most of my memories were of being outdoors. I was either playing with friends, siblings, animals, or an imaginary friend. I was so...

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The More I Learn, the Less Interested I Become

As a society, I think it is nearly impossible not to feel overwhelmed with information. More and more of my clients come in complaining of symptoms of adult ADHD (poor working memory, brain fog, difficulty reading or staying on task). Where I personally experience...

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My Life Sucks!

These are the words that are resounding around my house…coming from the mouths of my 18- and 20-year-old children. And my response? It sure does. With the third wave of lockdowns just coming to surface, I am really starting to feel for these kids. They have entered a...

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Do you have a food addiction? (Part3)

I once read in order to develop a habit, success is the secret sauce. I believe this to be true with many bad habits we want to drop and new habits we want to create. This can work with food as well, but it depends on the intensity of the signal sent to our brain...

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Do you have a food addiction? (Part2)

The way I see it, and from what I gathered from my clients, our relationship with food can be broken down in two ways: healthy and unhealthy. Unhealthy often begins with a physiologically-based craving, which turns into an emotional craving. HEALTHY What defines a...

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