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New Season; New Way of Thinking | Part 1

We often hear about doing a detox in the springtime and flushing all the gunk out of our bodies. But do we do that with our minds? I think this desperately needs to become a practice, and there is no better time to start doing it. What do I mean by a detox of the...

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Who a Woman Is and What She Wants

I have had this energy about me for the last several days surrounding who women are meant to represent, what they thrive off of and what they need, want, and desire. Ironically, as I typed out the title of this random blog post I also google-searched ‘International...

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What Type of Self-Critic Are You?

As a therapist I see a lot of people who are self-critical. Throughout the years I've come to identify two types of self critics. There is no literature that I could find describing the two types, so I simply dubbed these types as overt self-critics and covert...

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How I Used Atomic Habits in My Own Life

Realizing that most of my clients have some habits that they are proud of and others that they hate, I became more and more curious over the years. Habit formation/change is a big deal and I was interested in learning about the research that’s been done on it. I...

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