No More Doing Life Mediocre

If you are someone that desires peace, serenity, and happiness in their life when it comes to your relationships (especially with your partner) or strive to develop an amazing relationship, you landed on the right page. 

I was done with my mediocre life. I was done with forcing myself to be satisfied when deep down inside, I wanted so much more.

 I gave myself
permission to
want more.

I started by thinking from my desire instead of wishing from my desire. It is a totally different way of approaching reality, and when you start to work with me you will understand it more. Once you do – it will change your life.

I want to share something with you. I came to a point in my life where I realized I had the opportunity to do life better. That might sound like a silly comment to some, but to me, it wasn’t. It was quite profound. It gave me my power back.

For years, I always came from a place of being thankful for what I had; to be content, grateful, and so not to desire more. Throughout my upbringing, I was trained ‘not to desire more.’ The messaging I received from my family, my church, my school all seemed to encourage me to ‘just be good enough’. So, even though my relationships were not close to being ideal, and even though I was not happy living my winters in a cold climate, and even though I have always wanted to coach and be a mentor, this patterned thinking was always telling me…

“Luella, what you have is ‘good enough’.”

But part of me kept on responding…

No, it isn’t!! I didn’t realize it could be better – I wasn’t even aware of it until I became aware of it. Not only could my life improve, but once I realized that truth, it only got better and better. Life can be great!

But you don’t know what you don’t know.

I kept on justifying to myself over and over why it couldn’t get better (old beliefs and patterns of thinking), but I realize now it is not those ‘justifications’ that caused me to stay stuck. It is the FACT that I was telling myself this to be the truth. None of those justifications were true!!

Right now, DESPITE my relationships not being amazing, I am still so happy and at peace. And DESPITE that I am not yet living in my dream location, I am finding so much happiness in being right where I am.

What changed? I had an epiphany one day during a call with my own coach after he asked me, “What percentage of the day are you actually happy/joyful?” At first, I answered, “Most of the time,” but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that was not true. That was a painful realization for me, especially as a therapist. I felt that I should know how to be joyful. That was the day that I realized that I was using the idea of satisfaction with my life as a method of covering up deep thoughts of being unhappy. I was directing my thoughts towards gratitude and satisfaction, but I wasn’t truly FEELING them. It wasn’t enough.

My coach has taught me that satisfaction needs to come from a place of feeling, not from a place of thinking. I can think all day long that I am happy, but unless I truly feel it, no journal, no gratitude practice, no vacation, no therapist, no external factor will change that. That was the day that I realized that I am responsible for my feelings, and I can choose to be joyful and happy all the time. While still, of course, knowing that the Universe will use the law of perpetual motion to remind me life is not without its challenges, but those challenges also come with life lessons, which I am grateful for.


“I am about to ask you one of the most important questions that will ever be asked of you.”

What do you really want?
What would your life look like if you obtained what you desired?

This is the foundational question of my coaching program that will honestly change your life.

It has changed my life in so many ways. It has pushed me to create my best earnings ever in 2021. I am now a podcaster, therapist and coach, and I couldn’t be happier. But most importantly, in all aspects of my life, I stepped into growth rather than back into safety. I am travelling more, wintering in a different part of the world (starting in 2022/23 ☺), all my relationships have improved, and it is just getting better. I know that ridding myself of all guilt surrounding these decisions was a massive shift in how I now think and feel.

I want the same for you. My years of psychotherapy practice combined with laser-focused coaching is like no other program out there. I could have stayed comfortable and settled for mediocre, but I had a hunger for more and I am so thankful I had that hunger. It showed me we can truly have heaven on earth! I am so grateful to take inspired action when I did, because to think I could have just settled for mediocre saddens me.

I want the same for you.

Will you allow me to show you the way? I will guide you as a coach, but it all begins with you. You must have that hunger for change. Once you have it, nothing will stop you from achieving what your heart desires. Nothing. You are limitless!

My offer is a 12-week coaching program that will springboard you into obtaining that goal, but also and perhaps most importantly, a means of being who you were always meant to be. I know this to be true because the fact you desire it tells me it has already been created for you.

For 12 weeks you will get private one-on-one 55-min (individual coaching) calls or videos with me to take you from thinking… to feeling …and then creating a life worth living. It is the dedication on your part, plus the commitment and consistency of weekly sessions, that make coaching so powerful for people. By signing up, you already shifted your mindset from thinking to doing.

Life is not a dress rehearsal; make your life your dream life starting today.

Note: the 6-month package is also offered – details of this package plus cost are all in the application.

Note: All coaching packages have no refunds and no cancellations.

Do you need further assistance? We are just an email away.


Question: How do I know to choose coaching over therapy?

Answer: When one signs up for coaching, they are stepping into a co-ownership with the coach to take action and get results immediately. There is a definitive end result for the client that is agreed upon within the first or second call. These women are normally quite successful in certain areas of their lives, but unsuccessful in others. They often feel fake and embarrassed because of this dichotomy. With consistent guidance and support, the coach is able to bring a new awareness to her patterned thoughts and thus the client reaches her goals in an abbreviated amount of time. 

Question: Could I do it every second week? I am not sure I can commit to a call once a week.

Answer: If for whatever reason you don’t think you can commit to weekly zoom/audio calls, then it is best to postpone this commitment to later when you have the time and energy. You are making a commitment to show up once a week, and you are placing your trust in me to guide and support you weekly so that we can get you to your goal within a short period of time. With both trust and commitment can we achieve the goal. I use a strategic process, and if we begin to ‘change’ the protocol too much, your success will be compromised.

Question: What if I need to cancel for one week?

Answer:Things happen and this is understandable. Because you are placing a high investment in me and I in you, I allow you to cancel up to one hour before the appointment (rather than our 48-hour notice of cancellation policy). 

Question: I would like to use my insurance coverage, is this still possible?

Answer:Yes. If you are covered for therapy – the same sort of coverage applies to coaching.  

Question: I am currently in a relationship. Could I have my partner be included in the process? For example, can he also be coached separately? And perhaps could we have a couples session sprinkled here and there in between if we feel necessary?

Answer:Yes, your partner is more than welcome to join this work. If willing, he can join one session per month and the price will not be changed. He is also welcome to embark on his own coaching journey in parallel to yours.

Working with Luella changed my life. I don’t say this lightly. When I first began my healing journey I was afraid, full of self-loathing and lack of confidence. After putting in the work I have grown towards who I was meant to be. Luella didn’t just pick me up, dust me off and drag me into a brighter future, she gave me the tools and the guidance I needed to show me how to pick myself up, dust off my negative self-limiting beliefs and work towards that brighter future. I know if I stumble or falter she’s always there to point me in the right direction.

I look forward to continuing the work to grow and could not be more grateful for such an empowering mentor.

“If you get a chance – take it. If it changes your life – let it. No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it” -Anonymous

D.R. | Female 31 y.o. | April 19th 2022

It took me many years of struggle to realize I needed to talk to someone about my mental health, and even longer to finally find the courage to do so. I reached out to Dr. Jonk to get the help I needed, and the appointment was not anything like the scary, embarrassing experience I had conjured up in my mind. I cannot emphasize enough how validated and hopeful she made me feel, even after my first session. Thanks to Dr. Jonk, I now have strategies to deal with my immediate issues as well as plans and resources to work towards improving my mental health in the long term. Do not hesitate to book an appointment right away to get the help that you deserve.

C.H. | Male 24 y.o. | May 1st 2022

Last year I found myself at a very low point in my life. I took a leap and asked for help, not knowing where it would lead me but feeling open to it. She has helped me to start to see the value in me, my choices and start living for myself, not for other people. And with that comes freedom. Luella has become my own personal cheerleader, something I didn’t know I needed!

R.J. | Female 40 y.o. | May 3rd 2022

I have been seeing Dr. Jonk for a few years now. She has supported me through the darkest times of my life. And it is because of her support empathy, positivity and empowerment that I have been able to see the light in my future again.

Luella has not only been an amazing mentor and support for myself but she goes above and beyond her scope of practice by collaborating with other resources, when required, such as family and other professionals, to ensure the utmost care is provided.

Luella’s holistic approach to mental and physical wellness has not only been refreshing but extremely effective and enlightening for me as a woman struggling with divorce and mental health challenges.

Thank you Luella for being there for me and my family. Your dedication and unconditional support changed my life! I say everything with gratitude and sincerity.

T.M. | Female 44 y.o. | May 11th 2022

I have been seeing Luella inconsistently for almost one year now. I am looking forward to beginning one-on-one coaching with her. I trust her guidance in leading me towards a life that is free from guilt. Investing in myself is not something I would normally do, but because I trust her skills in coaching, this has become an easy decision for me. I have never met a therapist such as Luella. She has such a vast amount of education in both physical and mental health. One thing that I especially love about Luella is that she believes in me despite the overconsuming doubt I have in my head. Her energy uplifts me. I am beginning my 3-month coaching package with her. I am looking only ahead. The past is done.

W.W. | Female 69 y.o. | May 17th 2022

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