I help women get unstuck...

from their repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour in a systematic and meaningful way.

We do this with a 3-month coaching program where I guide you through
3 pillars of transformation focused on a healthy mind and healthy relationships.

1. Reset Your
Thinking Patterns
and Beliefs

Most of us have done life by following societal norms and therefore adopted an ‘I Should’ pattern of thinking. Others are the product of their parents’ pattern of thinking. Both thoughts patterns result in a loss of identity. In pillar one, we allow for peace and emotional freedom to infiltrate the mind. This emotional freedom is essential to build your concept of self.

2. Create a Personalized
Approach that Establishes
Measurable and Attainable Goals

The problem with most programs is that the goal is difficult to obtain in a 3–month period of time. However, with micro goals and a laddering approach, using tools such as visualization in combination with quieting the mind, we are able to bring about permanent change in thought patterns and create your new concept of self. It is a concept of self that holds you in high esteem, self-honour, and self-worth.

3. Become the Director of
Your Own Life Rather
than an Observer

Most people feel they are a victim of outward circumstances; thus they sacrifice their happiness within their objective reality. By implementing the changes we decided to make in pillar two, your subjective reality now becomes objective and real. We do this in a systematic way by implementing daily rituals of visualization, imagination, and awareness of what thoughts you are allowing to infiltrate your mind throughout your day. In pillar three, we essentially solidify the new thought patterns to create permanent daily shifts in behaviour that align with your authentic self. You are the most powerful and happy when your concept of self matches your desires.

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