Functional Psychotherapy

A Functional Approach to Healing

01. Functional Psychotherapy


I practice functional psychotherapy. This is a systems approach to well-being. You tell me your story and we delve into the root cause of your pain (physical, mental, emotional) instead of simply treating the symptoms. To understand this, think of a plant whose leaves are discolored and limp. The plant has been unattended. You might want to water the plant, but if you pulled it out of the ground you would see that the soil was saturated with water. Treating a symptom is not a systems approach to healing.

The healing encounter looks like this – We circle back into your timeline of existence to see what went wrong and when it occurred. When were you thriving? What were the antecedents, triggering events, and mediators that caused you to get where you are now; to the point of simply trying to survive.

After establishing trust with me and telling me your story, we look at five modifiable lifestyle factors and make sure you are optimizing all five; sleep & relaxation, exercise & movement, nutrition, stress, and relationships. One of my intake forms is called a Medical Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ). This helps me determine if it might be beneficial to look further into the physical symptoms of such complaints of low energy, history of stroke, insulin resistance, sex hormone imbalance, leaky gut, sleep apnea, auto-immunity, kidney or liver disease, use of statins, constipation and a whole range of other medical symptoms that are often overlooked in conventional medicine.

At the hub of all physical symptoms is the mental, emotional, and spiritual modes of healing that are an essential part of the systems approach. Beliefs, past trauma locus of control, spiritual separation and disquiet must be approached simultaneously throughout the healing process.

Watch this 2 minute video to understand more about functional medicine, click here. I studied this method of approach to healing for two years now. See areas of certification below.


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