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Private Coaching

My 1:1 coaching is a representation of who I am. It is a journey of self-actualization and coming home to your inner truth, your wisdom.

We often cannot see ourselves in our power, as the person we actually are…without having someone shine the light on our authenticity, truth, and wisdom.

Often we are not manifesting the life we desire because we are blocking the flow of abundance – whether that is letting love come in, or perhaps wealth, guidance, or acceptance of ourselves.

The block could be in the form of guilt, anger, shame, or distraction.

Throughout my 1:1 coaching packages, I emphasize:

Individual responsibility.

Individual expression

Individual acceptance

You have the choice to go alone or to have an over-seeker, a person, a guide who points out the addictive thought patterns that most of us are not even aware of UNTIL  they are IDENTIFIED. This is truly the shadow work necessary for all transformation.

Relationship Coaching

As someone who has been married since 1997 and a therapist for nearly as long, I can confidently say that I have gleaned some wisdom about what it takes to make a relationship work.

However, just as with most things we care deeply about, it takes dedication to the outcome. How badly do you care about your relationship? Do you care about it enough to dedicate ten minutes a day to connect deeply? The good news is, if you do, that is all it takes.

In my coaching containers, I strongly emphasize taking responsibility for your role in the relationship breaking down. So, if you know that you are a person who struggles with defensiveness, this may be difficult for you to accept. I am a Level 3 Gottman therapist and strongly resonate with Gottman’s belief that criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt are the four main behaviours that contribute to the demise of a marriage. 

So I invite you to choose from either one month, three months, or six months of coaching. We meet weekly through Zoom audio; you will also have some light homework to do between sessions. The homework requires you to look within. I will also make myself available throughout our weeks together via a group chat (if you need a boost, advice, etc.).

The sessions can be taken as individual sessions or as couples. If you live in my province, you are welcome to attend the couples’ sessions in person, but most feel phone or video convenient and effective.

If you have any other questions check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

How do I know I am a good candidate for Coaching


  • You don’t truly feel happy, but not always 100% sure why.
  • You are tired of playing the victim role and ready to take responsibility for your life.
  • You want to make a considerable shift in life and know that it cannot be done alone.

Better health, relationships, and careers are the typical result of the process.

  • I have helped thousands of clients transform their lives with simple shifts in their thoughts, perceptions, and thus their reality.
  • I have provided clients with insight into their blocks and discovered the missing puzzle pieces.
  • I have shone light onto the dark parts of their soul in order for their true essence to be discovered.

If you have any other questions check out the FAQ below.

If you prefer therapy over coaching please contact me here:


Question: How do I know to choose coaching over therapy?

Answer: When one signs up for coaching, they are stepping into a co-ownership with the coach to take action and get results immediately. There is a definitive end result for the client that is agreed upon within the first or second call. My clients are typically quite successful in certain areas of their lives, but unsuccessful in others. They often feel fake and embarrassed because of this dichotomy. With consistent guidance and support, the coach is able to bring a new awareness to patterned thoughts (shadow work) and thus the client is expanded at a rate that would be otherwise impossible to achieve alone.

Question: What if I need to cancel for one week?

Answer: Things happen and this is understandable. Because you are placing a high investment in me and I in you, I allow you to cancel up to one hour before the appointment (rather than our 48-hour notice of cancellation policy).

Question: I would like to use my insurance coverage, is this still possible?

Answer: Yes. If you are covered for therapy – the same sort of coverage applies to coaching.

Question: I am currently in a relationship. Could I have my partner be included in the process? For example, can s/he also be coached separately? And perhaps could we have a couples session sprinkled here and there in between if we feel necessary?

Answer: Yes, your partner is more than welcome to join this work. If willing, he can join one session per month and the price will not be changed. He is also welcome to embark on his own coaching journey in parallel to yours.