This is where psychology meets biology. I am a functional medicine psychotherapist specializing in emotional and physical health.
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A variety of blog posts about emotional health and wellness creatively penned by yours truly. It is here where you’ll find conversations that matter.

Functional Medicine

I am a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. I don’t stop at a diagnosis. A diagnosis is simply a descriptions of symptoms. It does not define who you are.


I specialize in self-worth, anxiety, depression, relationships, and habit change. Craving a change?  Then why wait any longer? Let’s make it happen. Connect with me because I am interested in your story.

I am an emotional health therapist whose goal is to replenish the – what seems to be – a bottomless pit of disempowerment for most. When you keep your emotional health in check and balance, you regain control and connection with the person you are inside. You do have the potential to get control of your thoughts by choosing the right thoughts to enter your mind. Thoughts that will not only provoke you to become the best version of yourself, but also lead you to living a wonderful enriched life. You have this choice. If that seems unreachable to you right now, then you have come to the right place. 

“From the moment I met Luella I felt at ease. I felt like she understood me and was able to help me verbalize my feelings to my partner. After our session I felt heard and understood which is something I have not felt in a long time. I can tell she genuinely cares and has such a passion to help individuals with their struggles.”

R.K. | Winnipeg

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