Individual Counselling

I approach therapy not as simply a “one-hour a week” time together. I hope to be present with you in spirit, in your everyday life, and to offer you the support you need when you are most in need of it. I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles – whether these struggles stem from anxiety, grief, loss of identity, self-worth, or struggling to find meaning in life. If you’re suffering from social anxiety, trauma, or self-confidence I can help and have helped people just like you become liberated from guilt and shame associated with past or present behaviours.

Vulnerability and Fear

Becoming vulnerable is one of the most difficult things a person can do, and yet it is arguably the quickest way to reach happiness and fulfillment. To become vulnerable is to face our fears; we need to do this to overcome anxiety, as it allows us to take the risk of being rejected or hurt. Learning that we can rebuild our confidence provides us with that empowerment and self-worth that we all long for.

Building Confidence

I help people find the answers they are seeking so desperately for. Often it is as simple as to stopping and listening to that voice inside them, the inner wisdom that is already there, and to trust themselves and the process of getting to that place of peace and calm.

Resentment and Forgiveness

Holding a grudge is living in the past. Who wants to do that? Looking forward seems much more productive! Together will we learn how to live in the present. We are not going to identify ourselves by our past experiences. Instead we need to learn from these experiences. This might mean forgiving others. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. It is liberating. However, we must be in a safe place to be able to forgive. Together we can determine this.

Setting Boundaries

The path towards loving ourselves is a path in which other boundaries have been established. Without boundaries you cannot truly display generosity, empathy or compassion, without boundaries our innate tendency will go towards resentment. Resentment establishes a negative thought pattern which often generalizes to many different aspects of our lives and ultimately destroys our desire for self love. Bottom line – set boundaries.


Individual Counselling


Luella, thank you for being you. You have changed my life for the better. I will forever be grateful for you – you’re so special and your light shines so bright. I hope to always have you in my life.

24 y.o. Female

13/10/2017, Winnipeg

Dr Jonk is a great listener, empathetic, caring and compassionate. She is warm and easy to talk to. Her wisdom, knowledge and life experience combined gives her great insight and perspective to your particular situation and helps get you on your road to success.

38 y.o. Female

13/10/2017, Winnipeg

Luella, thank you for everything! You are the best! I am blessed to know you and have you in my life. I deserve a good happy life. Thank you for getting me to a place of strength.

52 y.o. Mother

13/10/2017, Winnipeg

Luella is a phenomenal therapist. She is very compassionate, patient, and knowledgable. Her service is not just about business, but she truly goes the extra mile to make clients feel like family. Unlike some other therapists, you never feel like you’re “on the clock” with Luella. She takes the time to make sure that we get all the help we need in each meeting. The environment that she provides for appointments is calming, comfortable, and inspiring. Since she has started seeing my daughter, I have noticed a significant, positive change in her demeanour and outlook on life. I would highly recommend Luella to anyone seeking counselling.

15/10/2017, Winnipeg

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