It's all about the Connection
About Luella Jonk


Building a strong connection with you is my number one goal; a meaningful connection that allows you to be open, truthful and curious as to how you got to the place you are now in your life. The solution to your pain will show up through these conversations. 

02. What You Won’t Get

I cannot provide you with a magic pill nor do I ask that we schedule a ‘once a week’ session with me for eternity or more. I don’t work that way. As much as I like you, I don’t think it would be good for you (or me) to continue this way. Validation is great, but normally it is not the end cure. We need more of a functional approach for healing.

About Luella Jonk


After beginning post-secondary study, I became interested in neurology and specifically how the brain works. I entered a Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders and specialized in Neuro-cognition. Shortly after specializing in head injury I became even more interested in brain behaviour, which brought me to an interdisciplinary PhD.

04. What is worthwhile to note


I noticed that so many people struggle internally to love and respect themselves and to deeply understand that what they feel and think matter. Your voice and your needs do matter. You matter.


I like to start with a 90-minute session to really get to know you and get the big picture. That helps me to understand how you ‘got yourself into this mess’. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t a mess, you wouldn’t be reading this now.


Because I expect you to get deep with me, I thought perhaps I could get deep with you.

  • I am a country girl that hates country music
  • I am the 7th child of 9
  • I LOVE nature, the prairies & ocean; and hunted with my brothers
  • I LOVE a good deal, even if it is .50 cents less
  • University friends called me ‘sweet Lue’
  • Guilty pleasures? You bet. Ice cream, crusty bread, peanut butter
  • The best part of waking up is NOT having Folgers in my cup
  • I am an interior designer wannabe
  • I am not a fashionista when it comes to clothing
  • My kids called me Cruella deVille when they were small


I love to learn and therefore have a wack of credentials, specializing in relationships and individual health. Check it out below, if credentials are your thing.

Registered Psychotherapist

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP)

Relationship Coach

Licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist (Hypnotherapist)

Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling

Registered Speech Therapist

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