My Specialities

I teach people to become curious and enthusiastic about understanding themselves; with understanding comes power.
Once we align to our true self, our life becomes incredibly simple and effortless. How can anyone not want this?

If you are searching for the golden key to empowerment, then why not engage.

Engagement brings clarity!

If you think you need to speak to someone about the thoughts that are racing around in your head? Then you do.

I call myself an emotional health therapist, because regulating your emotions is the key to gaining control of your actions. You are likely on this page because of having difficulty connecting to your feelings and emotions. Whether you are having trouble connecting your own feelings or those of others, I have the solution for you.

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My Specialties

Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Addictions, Self-Esteem

I highly, highly recommend Luella as a therapist. I have struggled for years with self-identity and negative self-talk and she helped me completely change that way I talk to and perceive myself. She uses a variety of evidence based practices to help, is an excellent listener and draws on personal experiences which demonstrates her empathy and understanding. I did a version of RTT and it was amazing. Her office is comfortable, easy to find and has street parking. Setting up appointments using her online system is easy and efficient, she’s accessible and her email correspondence is great! Always checking in to see progress and get a quick update. Great therapist, have referred to her and will continue to do so.

28 y.o. Female | Winnipeg | May 2020

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