Free to be Me

A Path to Self-Acceptance

  • 6 Module Group Program
  • Q & A opportunities
  • Homework provided between modules

You choose love over fear, and when you do this, everything about you relaxes.  I teach how to trust in the process, your decisions and your leadership. This is your container if you choose to become a heart-led, self-led person. This space is for those who: need to control others, suffer from abandonment issues, and just need to love themselves more as they are. After the completion of our time together, your heart will speak louder than your logical mind, so you don’t need to hold on so tightly. You will learn to trust more and have compassion for others.

Module 1: Listening in silence – what do you hear?
Do you always feel out of place? Like you should act differently than how you normally act?

Module 2: Replacing Thinking with Contemplation.
Thinking is what ‘busy’ minds do. We are going to go from thinking to reflection, awareness, and intentional thoughts.

Module 3: Who am I now?
Good question. Can’t wait to find out.

Module 4: Calling in Spirit, you Source energy.
If you are not spiritual in the traditional sense, don’t worry. This is where we tap into your soul, and I know you have one!

Module 5: Incorporating the silence between the trigger and the response.
Just because you are more aware doesn’t mean it is easy to not react when triggered, I will teach you how to practice this skill.

Module 6: Embodying the heart-led way of living and what this looks like unique to you.
Simple practices/changes you can make today that will gradually bring your towards a more fullfilled life.

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