Program for a Healthy Body Image

As you may already know, I have been working many years as a therapist to help individuals gain self–confidence and self-worth, both for men and women.

Many of the root issues surrounding low self-esteem comes from scenes, events, and behaviors that occurred in the client’s past, tightly tucked away in our subconscious mind until we are ready to become fully aware of it. This is what Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is all about. It is about becoming into a full state of awareness of who we are and why we do what we do. You can read more about it right here.

I am launching a brand new program from my office that specifically focuses on your relationship with food. It is weaving all the wonderful aspects of RTT but focusing directly on what is holding you back from being indifferent with food. It is not a diet, since I approach it as the mind being the driving force behind poor choices; instead of it being advice from external forces.



Most clients who come to me for this type of work are those with the self-professing profiles such as:

  • Tried the _________ diet and the weight just comes back
  • I have a bigger frame and accept it (but subconsciously – they don’t)
  • I have always been ‘fat’ – that is just who I am.
  • I have _____, _____, and this medical ‘issue’ and therefore I need to stay overweight.
  • I am an emotional eater, I eat my feelings, and I hate myself for doing it
  • I binge on foods and hate myself for it.
  • I hate diets because I need to count calories, and I don’t have time nor the patience
  • I look at a piece of chocolate and I gain weight
  • I can’t stop eating certain foods once I start


This is why RTT works so well for these client profiles.

It is because we go straight to the root cause, reason, and source of this ‘altered food relationship’. Also, please give yourself a break. Mass marketing of food products in the last 70 years, good and bad, have definitely had an effect on all of us. We hear ‘it is organic’ and we equate that to be healthy and then eat 12 of them; or ‘fat free’, and therefore no limit to the amount we can eat; or ‘if I stick to a low calorie count/calorie in – calorie out mindset’, I will of course lose weight.

None of the above statements are true. Also, because of the plethora of information that bombards us each day… whether that be from your favorite magazine, podcast, blog post, or Facebook news feeds, it is incredibly overwhelming. The ‘flavor of the week’ constantly changes from ‘intermittent fasting is key’ to ‘carbohydrates restriction’ is key to ‘carb cycling’ is key, ‘paleo’ ‘high fat’ to ‘OMG I give up because I can’t just be ME!!’


This is also where my program is different.

I teach you to be the driver behind all your decisions around diet and movement. You are not going to be the victim of social media or marketing adds; instead you are going to approach this as having incredible control and discipline. Yes, discipline. Having discipline is the KEY to happiness in so many aspects of life. We need to use Google as being a huge advantage to making the right health choices…When have we ever had so much information at our fingertips than now?

I also teach you to ‘read your body’ because we are ALL different, so different, when it comes to hormonal responses, allergies, mindset, physical movement, and taste. When you become more aware of ‘why you do what you do’ it is SO much easier to change, adapt, and progress.

RTT combined with my individual nutritional approach and guidance towards movement – will allow you to finally feel indifferent towards food. I like to think of it more of how we were as a generation in North America before the 60’s, when people didn’t know the definition of the terms ‘processed food’ ‘diet’, ‘meditation’ or ‘cross fit’.

You, and only you, have your own unique biochemistry. Your mind, your hormones, your passions, your sense of Zen. How can you possibly just fit into a certain mold and expect that to work for you just because it works for your neighbour; someone who has different genes, career, priorities, upbringing, and support network.


If you are ready to begin this program with me, start by scheduling a phone consult.

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I will respond with some times that might work for you for a 20-30-minute phone consult. I will let you know how the process works. Till then… love yourself.