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Through 20 years of experience working with couples as a Gottman Couples Therapist, I am confident that I have achieved the best way of working with couples.

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The answer?

Having individual sessions as much – if not more – than couples’ sessions.

What do you think is the most common complaint that couples come to see me for? Hands down, it’s some variation of “We are having difficulty communicating”, which to me is just another way of saying “ We are not very good at conflict management”.

Normally, one or both partners are unaware that they are responsible for their feelings during conflict management. The conversation typically sounds like this: “I felt sad when you behave that way and I need you to stop acting that way around me”. These people desperately need to get in touch with their feelings, take responsibility, and stop blaming their partners. But that’s not easy to do, and they often need help with this task, which is where individual coaching will help tremendously.

I offer only coaching packages, so if you are looking for a session ‘here and there’, I am not the person to help you. Why? Because ‘here and there’ does not work in mending a broken relationship. Consistency, awareness, and the willingness to do the work is what makes behaviour change happen

Coaching Package

What You Get

Every package starts with the Couples session. This is where I assess the state of the couple’s relationship. All Couples sessions are 90 min. All individual sessions are 50 min.

All Couples’ sessions are offered in person or by video. All individual sessions are offered on video or phone (unless otherwise agreed).

I accept only 4 couples a month. Couples sessions can be video recorded if requested (this can be helpful for the couple as a reflection of body language, words expressed, a measure of progression, etc.)

Who is this for?

Any couple who values their partner more than anything else and wants to commit to repairing and rejuvenating what they had on the day they proposed. They are willing to make time for their growth as individuals and become even closer partners than ever before.

Note: If you are a past client of mine please email admin@luellajonk.com so we can have a discussion about your specific needs.

 Can I guarantee success?

No, but I will do my damnedest to make it work. It is impossible for me to gauge the amount of resentment and hurt one individual has acquired over the years. However, I am willing to work with that partner if this is the case. The fact that you both show up and are committed to the process speaks volumes to me.

One final point: I normally can tell in the first session whether this process will be successful, and if I doubt it – then your money will be refunded. I want only success in my practice.

I know that Gottman’s work is the most recognized and successful means of repairing a relationship.

Please email to request a spot or to book a 15-phone call with me prior to signing up for one of the coaching packages.

Note: All coaching packages have no refunds and no cancellations.

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