I help individuals find happiness despite their difficult relationships, careers, or health.

Throughout my coaching program, you will gain and establish a sense of security within yourself as you move towards gaining clarity on your relationships. While doing this, individuals often create more wealth and improve their health in the process.

Together I take you through three pillars of transformation:

Pillar 1.
Reset Your Thinking
Patterns and Beliefs

During pillar one, we discover and identify your adverse/current thought patterns that are preventing you from obtaining your goal and establish a new concept of self (how you can honestly feel about yourself) so you can make some radical changes much faster.

Pillar 2.
Create a Personalized
Approach that Establishes
Measurable and Attainable Goals

In pillar two we call on specific tools to establish and retain the new self-concept. Much of this work is bringing your awareness to the thoughts and feelings you are focusing on and choosing different thoughts that align you to the goal. Once I make you aware of the thought patterns and feelings that are keeping you from aligning with your desires, we carefully choose the tools that help you to obtain focus and resilience to pursue that goal.

Pillar 3.
Become the Director of
Your Own Life Rather
than an Observer

Pillar three is about maintaining the habit through repetition of focus and awareness and creating new healthy behaviours that align with the new concept of self. We build a habit (of thought and focus) until the habit builds you (your new concept of self). You will see that you begin to trust the process because you will see the evidence of the change.


Question: How do I know to choose coaching over therapy?

Answer: When one signs up for coaching, they are stepping into a co-ownership with the coach to take action and get results immediately. There is a definitive end result for the client that is agreed upon within the first or second call. These women are normally quite successful in certain areas of their lives, but unsuccessful in others. They often feel fake and embarrassed because of this dichotomy. With consistent guidance and support, the coach is able to bring a new awareness to her patterned thoughts and thus the client reaches her goals in an abbreviated amount of time.

Question: Could I do it every second week? I am not sure I can commit to a call once a week.

Answer: If for whatever reason you don’t think you can commit to weekly zoom/audio calls, then it is best to postpone this commitment to later when you have the time and energy. You are making a commitment to show up once a week, and you are placing your trust in me to guide and support you weekly so that we can get you to your goal within a short period of time. With both trust and commitment can we achieve the goal. I use a strategic process, and if we begin to ‘change’ the protocol too much, your success will be compromised.

Question: What if I need to cancel for one week?

Answer:Things happen and this is understandable. Because you are placing a high investment in me and I in you, I allow you to cancel up to one hour before the appointment (rather than our 48-hour notice of cancellation policy).

Question: I would like to use my insurance coverage, is this still possible?

Answer:Yes. If you are covered for therapy – the same sort of coverage applies to coaching.

Question: I am currently in a relationship. Could I have my partner be included in the process? For example, can he also be coached separately? And perhaps could we have a couples session sprinkled here and there in between if we feel necessary?

Answer:Yes, your partner is more than welcome to join this work. If willing, he can join one session per month and the price will not be changed. He is also welcome to embark on his own coaching journey in parallel to yours.

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