01. RTT (Hypnotheraphy)

I have created this program for you because I saw how exhausted and tired people are feeling when they sense a loss of control. What would it be like to live without fear and anxiety? Has this fear fueled addictions and unwanted thoughts and behaviours that you can’t rid? I am not sure when you are reading this right now, but I was spurred to create this at the time of Covid-19, when all of the above was taken to a new crushing level.

Is this program for me? If you are not sure, then read some of the reasons why I felt the need to create this for you.

  • I want results fast.
  • I have already tried everything else
  • I don’t have time to do weekly sessions
  • I am sick of shopping around for therapists or I don’t know where to begin
  • I am REALLY ready to make the change
  • I need to forgive and forget
  • I need to rid an addiction
  • I need to rid myself from guilt and shame
  • I am at a risk of losing my relationship
  • I can’t change


I could list more, but if any of the above resonates with you… continue to read.


After our time together, you will realize why you are not who you think you are, followed by a mind-blowing insight of who you really are, which will give you a much clearer understanding of why you haven’t been able to achieve your dreams. I will teach you to be able to be aware of how others may be viewing you as a person, but this will not affect your sense of self. I will teach you to live a life in a way that is self-honouring and mindful. This act of aligning with your true self in a way that feels safe, loving and accepting is the first step to reaching a level of self-worth that will have rippling effects on your life.


I will take a timeline of your life so we can begin to understand what has allowed you to evolve as a human up to this time in your current life. Best of all, you will leave the 4-hour session with the tools necessary to enforce change to occur. This will aid you to move towards living a life that does truly align with your sense of self.

02. What is so amazing about this programme?

03. I bet you have some questions related to general ambivalence and fears, so let me address them here.

Fear: I cannot afford the cost of the program.

Response: How old are you now and how many more years of living a potentially amazing life do you have left? Simply put, you can’t afford NOT to do it.

Fear: If this was so easy, why wouldn’t all therapists be doing it.

Response: Well there are likely many reasons, but I will give you my top reason and that is my experience. I mean my life experience. I don’t mean according to my degrees on the wall. My credentials are listed on my website if that means anything to you. I see this as book knowledge. My life experience, the advancements I have made, and my clients’ stories is what makes me the therapist I am today. Not like the therapist down the street. I have unique experiences and abilities that no other therapist, counsellor, coach or provider possesses.

Fear: You don’t get me and my situation. It is different for me.

Response: Oh yes I do! The fact is that many others out there feel just like you do. Why else would I have created this special program for you? Your baggage is really not that much different than anyone else. Sorry, but at the risk of sounding cold… you just need to get over yourself.

Fear: Too time intensive. I don’t have time to work on myself.

Response: Really? You don’t have a 4-hour slot for you and me time? Followed by another 4 hours booked at your leisure? Well… If you do decide to do this work,  you are going to have to carve out at least 15-20 min a day of incorporating the tools I am going to give you and I will require you to do this for at least 40 days in a row. But believe me… it is very easy to work this into your daily practice. And must I remind you how much time, money, and energy have you lost up to this point by NOT taking this next step?

More questions? No problem, request the FAQ sheet, review it, and then meet me back here.

Unwanted Thoughts


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