Recently, I was invited to present at a national Weekly Wellness meeting at one of our Canadian financial institutions.

They contacted me because of my views on creating a work-life balance.

Work-life balance does not exist.

Instead, we need to focus on harmonizing work and personal life.

I love my work, and throughout my career, I often felt guilty as a mom, believing that if I invested too much in my job, I was off-balance.

But I don’t see my work as my ‘job’.

I do not see being a mom as my ‘job’, nor do I see being a daughter, sister, or friend as my job.

Which is the whole point. If it were a job, it would mean that I must show up and present a certain way, according to societal expectations of what these roles require of me, in minute, structured, bullet-point form.

I am a mom and a business owner because I chose to be both, and I continually show up for both roles because I love both roles. I do my best in all of my roles every day.

They are not at all balanced most days.

What I strive towards every day instead is maintaining a healthy relationship with an entity that is of utmost importance to me because when I do that, everything else falls into place.