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Couples Counselling Testimonials

Thanks to Luella it has become abundantly clear how negative thought patterns can be so detrimental to ones health. With her gentle and empowering guidance I finally feel better, feel mentally and emotionally stronger and more in-tune with my body and my sense of self. I can finally begin to see the authentic me rising from the ashes of constant self-destruction, that no longer defines me. All aspects and dimensions of my health have improved thanks to her wonderful techniques to help me begin my journey to healing. She’s so personable and approachable, very professional and great follow up, I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of someone to talk to or just listen. Thank you for everything.

Female, 29 y.o.


Luella has been instrumental in resolving years of miscommunication between my partner and I. Without her guidance and support our relationship would not have endured one of the most traumatic incidents any marriage can suffer: infidelity. Luella was patient, and caring in our meetings. She taught us communication and coping techniques, which helped each of us understand what had long been missing in our relationship. We practice these lessons daily, and in doing so we have been able to re-establish a foundation of love and trust. I know we will continue to seek her support and guidance in the future.

Happy Couple


RTT Testimonials

Thanks to Luella’s incredible support, I have had the opportunity to fulfill a part of me that was missing for over half my life.

Experiencing the benefits of hypnotherapy, I was able to enjoy the liberation from old thoughts that were paralyzing me from living my best life.

There is a saying, ‘if there is one person feeling this way, we know there are likely many others’. Therefore I encourage anyone who is seeking an amazing life transformation to ‘jump in with both feet’.

Being ‘curious’ about the possibility of change and Luella’s guidance has given me a long awaited gift of feeling self worthy that had been absent my whole life.

C.N.,Mother, 55 y.o.

Winnipeg, 7 December 2020

I decided to try RTT therapy because I suffered from severe anxiety that I had for so long that I thought it was normal. I lived my lift constantly on edge waiting for something bad to happen. I never realized how tightly I was wound up, because it was my normal.

During my session, twice, Luella had me go down a set of steps counting down as I went down the stairs, once at the beginning and then again at the end when she began to make the recording I would use at home.

The first time I went down the steps I could see my feet and I was just “trudging” down the stairs. The second time she had me go down the stairs, after dealing with a traumatic moment I had as a child that caused much of my anxiety, I looked down at my feet and I was wearing my favourite childhood red dress shoes with a strap along the top of my foot, and I was happily “bounding” down the stairs like a little girl without a care in the world.

The next few days I felt almost empty inside because I wasn’t feeling the anxiety I was used to feeling. I felt like I was numb…it took me a few days to realize i wasn’t numb, I just wasn’t wound up with anxiety anymore. What a freeing feeling.

I still am anxious, but it was far more manageable, and its not all the time, as it was before.

Female, 38 y.o.

Winnipeg, 16 August 2018

Strange but true I was sitting in my sunroom yesterday morning and suddenly had an unexplainable smile come across my face and I felt generally happy which hasn’t happened for quite some time. The feeling stayed with me all day(and is still there this morning as well) despite actually seeing the woman I had the affair with driving along beside me yesterday morning. It didn’t bring up any emotions for her and only made me think that I wish her all the best and a happy life. I was quite shocked at the thought at first, but didn’t even question it as it was/is the new me dealing with the situation in a more enlightened state of awareness. I feel quite amazing to be honest and welcome every new day now.

Male, 50 y.o.

Winnipeg, 15 January 2018

I decided to try the RTT technique because I was ready to be more confident, less anxious and nervous, and love myself. At one point during the session I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head – this happened while Luella was speaking to me about the issues I was trying to overcome and how I’ve felt about myself for most of my life, basically, the many negative thoughts I’ve had about myself. As Luella began describing letting go of all this negativity I felt a lightness grow from where the pain had been. At the end of my RTT session I felt somewhat lost and uncomfortable, as if I didn’t recognize who I was anymore, like my mind was a blank slate. This was followed by an intense headache and feeling totally exhausted – mentally and physically. Once I made it home I could do nothing else but sleep (which I did for about 6 hours that day); my mind and body needed it. The next couple days I still felt “out of it” but once I had had enough time to let the transformation sink in, I felt amazing. I have found peace from anxious thoughts, “what ifs”, worrying about what people thought of me and mistakes I have made. From that peace and mindfulness (living in the moment) I’ve been able to be more focused, positive, and confident. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence her whole life, I strongly recommend this type of therapy for anyone who is ready to make a real change in their life.

Female, 23 y.o.

Winnipeg, 27 October 2017

The RTT technique was very successful in allowing my subconscious to bring awareness and understanding and my conscious mind. Dr. Jonk was very professional and skilled in this type of therapy. It was a very positive experience


Winnipeg, 22 September 2017

Luella is a phenomenal therapist. She is very compassionate, patient, and knowledgable. Her service is not just about business, but she truly goes the extra mile to make clients feel like family. Unlike some other therapists, you never feel like you’re “on the clock” with Luella. She takes the time to make sure that we get all the help we need in each meeting. The environment that she provides for appointments is calming, comfortable, and inspiring. Since she has started seeing my daughter, I have noticed a significant, positive change in her demeanour and outlook on life. I would highly recommend Luella to anyone seeking counselling.


Winnipeg, 10 October 2019

The RTT session in conjunction with Luella’s daily emails and timed interval counseling sessions, along with personally being in a state of readiness for change, has allowed me to release misguided shame and guilt associated with childhood sexual abuse and emotional neglect. Luella has given me the tools and confidence to create a positive frame of mind with which to move forward with my life and let go of the past. While my work of personal growth and understanding of the past continues, I feel like the most challenging aspects are behind me due to the intense RTT approach. Luella’s willingness to normalize and share her own stories create a wonderfully safe environment.

Female, 54 y.o.

Winnipeg, 10 August 2018

My experience with RRT and hypnotherapy with Dr. Jonk has given me so much more than I thought. While the intent was to find help with weight loss, I’ve gained tools and insight that have brought improvements to other aspects in my life! I have the awareness, strength, determination and will to now control behaviours and beliefs that for years I let control me and hold me back. Post therapy sessions, I feel a change in my level of inner peace, a comfort in my own body, and the strength to strive for all that I CAN be! Dr. Jonk is down-to-earth and easy to communicate with – never any awkward “counselor moments”. She is motivating and her actions show she truly cares about your well-being well after you leave her office.  I highly recommend this therapy with Dr. Jonk.

Female, 47 y.o.

Winnipeg, 26 January 2018

RTT was a great step on my journey to lower my anxiety and live more happily, more in the present instead of in the past or in dread of the future.  The experience of the session was the start of a process of increased awareness of the cause of my unhelpful thought patterns.  Through RTT I was able to access memories that I had long since forgotten, and in the months since then I continue to have more access to my past experiences and put into context some of my habitual ways of reacting to situations, and make more conscious choices instead.  RTT also allowed me to make some instant improvements by changing my self-talk to be more positive, which has had a surprisingly big impact.

Female, 54 y.o.

Winnipeg, 6 August 2018

Update for above testimonial – a year later

Things are going well, I still listen to your recording at least five times a week.  I stopped last summer – counter-intuitively because I was super stressed and busy.  I started listening to it again in the fall and things got better again;  I find it is an important part of my daily routine.  There may be a day in the future when I don’t need it but I am not there yet!  It is a work in progress to change some patterns formed over 50 years.  I also try to do a short bit of meditation every day, and that along with my morning workout is a helpful routine and good way to start my day.

Female, 54 y.o.

Winnipeg, 8 March 2019

This was such a powerful experience. I was able to access and I think now let go of long-forgotten but troubling memories that have been undermining many of my lifelong decisions and choices. It feels like an internal cleanse that has somehow cleared out years of calcified emotion in a single cycle


Winnipeg, 22 September 2017

Bonnie PankratzBonnie Pankratz
16:42 04 Mar 24
Working with Luella has been a game changer in both my professional and personal life.
Azrael MisthiosAzrael Misthios
23:31 19 Dec 23
In my experience, Luella’s riverine advice and wisdom has helped guide me in ways I’ve never experienced with any other therapist. Following an extramarital affair, she quickly became a trusted source in our attempt at reconciling. She is a sublime representative of what a therapist should be: accessible, professional and courteous with an unassuming and graceful manner that provides counsel and guidance that, though thin and light, is not without heft. A trusted advisor in all aspects of my life, she is known by me and her client’s I’ve since referred for her innate and consistent ability to make you feel validated, safe and heard. I cannot recommend anyone as highly as Luella. Five stars is simply not enough.
Laurie WLaurie W
21:44 18 Oct 23
Luella helped me find my voice and strengths years ago. Her ability to relate and help me take ownership of my issues was a blessing. She is a fabulous woman who listens and helps you find the courage to move forward in life. I continue to read her email blogs and her wisdom continues to help guide me when I start to lose myself. I highly recommend Luella as a extremely proffessioal and hepful proffessional 💞 After 10 years I look forward to her blogs. They continue to help me in life.Thankyou Luella 💓🦋🌅🫂🧚🏿‍♀️🌠Laurie W
Keri ZeghersKeri Zeghers
18:44 01 Sep 23
Luella has such accurate insights and advice that is relatable and applicable to actually put into practice. Really enjoy hearing her speak and address concerns.
Lex MarrieLex Marrie
20:59 31 May 22
Daniel BatsonDaniel Batson
19:23 29 Oct 19
Luella was instrumental in helping my wife and I manage our relationship. We owe so much to Luella for helping us through one of the hardest times in our relationship, I cannot say enough good things about the therapy that she provided to us. She worked hard to ensure that we got the advice we needed!Unhappy in love? Go see Luella for help. Happily in love? You should still go see Luella to ensure you continue to work at what makes you happy!