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What You Need to Make Change Happen

In order for us to provoke any sort of action (creation of habit) or inability to act (ending the habit), we need to first peel back a few layers and think deeply about how you identify with yourself. A simplified way of knowing how you identify as a person is by...

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Reflection sprinkled with a dash of hope

Okay, I must apologize right now because you might have expected me to talk about habits in this post, and I did in fact have it all ready, but felt it was more pertinent to make this post today instead. There are a few reasons, but I think we can all agree that we...

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Stop putting others before yourself

What is it about you people pleasers? Yes, you…I am talking to you obligers! Problem: I can’t stop putting other people’s needs before my own. Awareness: At the time of doing an act such as giving up your time, space, or material possessions, you may not be so aware...

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