EPISODE 129

Andrew Hallams Views on Making Your Happiness Compound Over Time



Andrew Hallam

by | May 28, 2024

Show Notes

In this episode, we explored many exciting and surprising points. However, they all circled back to one crucial theme: the importance of defining your purpose.

This is the key to feeling fulfilled in your personal relationships and financial goals, and it’s a journey that can inspire and motivate you. Andrew uses science and experience to validate his teachings in a way that is impossible to argue against. If you were to track the historical data over time, it would be all thereif you care to look at it. Doing so would provide you with great insight in to why you have found yourself in the state you are in right now. However, most people would rather ignore their spending habits and, possibly, their partners by going after instant gratification.

Tune in to discover how listening, being curious, and avoiding a mecentric mindset can lead to more happiness and security in finances and personal relationships.


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