Once we hit puberty, it seems as if we are no longer allowed to dream. Goodbye childhood awe…hello reality.

No more Santa, flying horses and Never Neverland. And romance??? Silly girl, there is no such thing as romance… That is only in the movies and books.

Welcome to Reality! Ughh… Welcome to boredom.

But what if we could still follow our desires? After all, the fact that we have a yearning, a deep thirst, means that it was spurred for a reason.

What if we could continue to dream, focus on our desires, and be happy, despite not already attaining what we desire? What if you could put a system in place while waiting for your dreams to come true?

A system that maintains happiness and sets you free from the mediocracy of life. A system that holds you in your lowest of lows and maintains your happiness in the highest of highs? A system that allows you to feel the full spectrum of emotions instead of keeping you locked in neutral – locked into safety – locked into what feels ‘right’.

Life is boring in neutral.

Safety keeps you stuck.

Right robs you of your vitality.

If you connect with this post and it has triggered your curiosity in wanting to learn more…message me and we can connect on a call.

I would love to hear what your desires are or perhaps help you to rediscover yourself again.