What do I do when my love is away? Does it worry you to be alone?

I want to be your friend, your coach, and your therapist. But even more so, I want you to try getting a little help because, frankly, you deserve it.

Individual Services

Psychotherapy begins with a discovery call, discussing your desires, how you see yourself now, and where you want to go. Psychotherapy sessions can be booked in single or packaged session.

When you choose me as your therapist, you decide to change your habitual way of thinking. Nothing excites me more than to witness this type of transformation. My psychotherapy sessions combine the skills and experiences I rendered as a therapist and the nuances only you can bring. I meet you at whatever stage you are in the transformational journey, allowing you to be accountable and responsible toward your chosen outcome. 

Note: No behaviour will change without first changing the thought. No thought will change without changing the belief. For your beliefs to change, you need to change your perspective. This is not easy work. The way you perceive is based on all past experiences. If you are going to see the world differently, you must be open to a widening of your current perspective. Are you ready to see the world differently?

In my private sessions, I recognize your old patterned ways of thinking and guide you toward establishing new beliefs, thought systems, perspectives, and, therefore, a new reality. Life becomes more flowy, free, and fulfilled.

Functional Medicine

Please contact me to inquire how my certification in functional medicine can assist your individual needs. In functional medicine, they say, ‘ all disease begins in the gut’. However, I would like to add to that ‘ all disease begins with stress’. 

My job is to minimize your stress through therapy and specialized testing. 

Relationship Psychotherapy

As someone who has been married since 1997 and a therapist for nearly as long, I can confidently say that I have gleaned some wisdom about what it takes to make a relationship work.

However, just as with most things we care deeply about, it takes dedication to the outcome. How badly do you care about your relationship? Do you care about it enough to dedicate ten minutes a day to connect deeply? The good news is, if you do, that is all it takes.

In my sessions, I strongly emphasize taking responsibility for your role in the relationship breaking down. So, if you know that you are a person who struggles with defensiveness, this may be difficult for you to accept. I am a Level 3 Gottman therapist and strongly resonate with Gottman’s belief that criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt are the four main behaviours that contribute to the demise of a marriage.

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What is the fee for service?

All new clients are encouraged to book a one-time initial
90-minute consultation.
Online CAD 255 | In-person CAD 266

Individuals (Single 50-min Session):
Online CAD 150 | In-person CAD 160

Individual (Walk & Talk 50-min Session):
In-person CAD 155

Couples (Single 50-min Session):
Online CAD 150 | In-person CAD 170

Individual/Relationship Packages
(1x 50-min session/week via phone or video call):
4-sessions | 8-sessions | 12-sessions | 24-sessions

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