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Episode 122 | Dana Diaz

EPISODE 122 What True Narcissistic Abuse Looks Like With Dana Diaz    with Dana DiazShow Notes Join me today for an insightful and informative conversation with Ms. Diaz as she tells us the story of how she became a victim of multiple narcissistic...

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Episode 121 | Luella Jonk

EPISODE 121 Insights and Suggestions on Overcoming Resentment, Negative Sentiment Override, Victimization and More     with Luella JonkShow Notes This is a soup-to-nuts overview of relationships and a summary of what I have heard my clients talk about in the...

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Episode 120 |  Kim Curtin

EPISODE 120 Breaking Gender Barriers: The Wall Street Coach, Discusses Money Self-Sabotage   with Kim CurtinShow Notes I discovered Kim’s Podcast, The Wall Street Coach, after doing some of my work around money and money mindset. I invited Kim as a guest to...

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Episode 119 | Michelle Reittinger

EPISODE 119 A New Way of Healing Bi-Polar Disorder One Step at a Time    with Michelle ReittingerShow Notes What a great conversation we had today! Michelle is my kind of gal. She is all about taking responsibility, becoming empowered, and an advocate of both...

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Episode 118 | Dr. Sarah Berry

EPISODE 118 Personalized Nutrition: Microbiome Insights   with Dr. Sarah BerryShow Notes Is it true that the formula to lose weight is less calories and more exercise? Do women have a more difficult time to lose weight than men? Does stress play a large role in...

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Episode 117 | Luella Jonk

EPISODE 117 Why Lack of Self-Love is the Core Reason You Seek Therapy   with Luella JonkShow Notes The ugly concoction of guilt, shame and self-loathing is most often the underlying reason why you are struggling and in need of therapy. Ridding shame is not easy,...

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Episode 116 | Lynne Bowman

EPISODE 116 Preparing Delicious Food to Control Your Mood  with Lynne BowmanShow Notes I love interviewing women who can be described as ‘ a piece of work’, and Lynne Bowman is that woman. She is really a masterpiece. Now in her late 70s, I can tell that she has...

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Episode 115 | Patti Handy

EPISODE 115 It’s Time For Women To Get More Comfortable Managing Their Money   with Patti HandyShow Notes If you are like me, even the phrase Excel sheet is enough to make you run in the other direction. Well, fear no more. Money and financial literacy are our...

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Episode 114 | Kelli Miller

EPISODE 114 Use These Love Hacks To Reconnect With Your Partner   with Kelli MillerShow Notes Kelli Miller just launched her new book, Love Hacks (CDN listeners, you can pre-order it today; its release date is February 23, 2024). Love Hacks identifies fifteen...

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