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MBWP Podcast

Episode 130 – Luella Jonk

   EPISODE 130 Podcast Update: Shifting Focus to Relationship and Dating Advice  with Luella JonkShow Notes Yes, I decided to close up this Podcast! In this final episode, I explain why. The health and wellness space is flooded with fear-inducing health claims,...

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Episode 129 – Andrew Hallam

   EPISODE 129 Andrew Hallam’s Views on Making Your Happiness Compound Over Time  with Andrew HallamShow Notes In this episode, we explored many exciting and surprising points. However, they all circled back to one crucial theme: the importance of defining your...

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Episode 128 | Luella Jonk

   EPISODE 128 What To Do When You Begin To Ask, ‘What’s The Point?'  with Luella JonkShow Notes In true ‘Luella’ style, which some might call somewhat disorganized, I did a mind dump for this Episode on all the reasons why you might be feeling lost and apathetic...

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Episode 127 | Dennis Wong

EPISODE 127 When the Struggle with Stress, Brain Fog, and Overwhelm Becomes Your New Reality  with Dennis WongShow Notes Today, I had an enlightening conversation with Dennis Wong, a functional and integrative registered pharmacist, about the various...

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Episode 126 | Michelle Shapiro

EPISODE 126 Clearing Up Some Of The Myths Surrounding Nutrition  with Michelle ShapiroShow Notes If you have never worked with a functional integrative dietician before to combat your ills, perhaps consider doing so. In today’s episode, Michelle and I discussed...

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Episode 125 | Luella Jonk

EPISODE 125 A Brief Summary of the Gottman’s Latest Book ‘Fight Right’: The Importance of Creating a Personal Vision for Yourself And Your Relationship  with Luella JonkShow Notes In today’s solo episode, I explained how maintaining a personal vision is...

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Episode 124 | Benjamin Brown

EPISODE 124 The Psychology Behind Making a Sale: Why Thinking Too Much May Be Your Worst Enemy  with Benjamin BrownShow Notes If you do not think you are interested in selling or have no need to ‘sell,’ think again. We all sell something daily. Selling is more...

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Episode 123 | Chad Hufford

EPISODE 123 Mastering Wealth: The Crucial Role of Mindset and Behavior Transformation  with Chad HuffordShow Notes Tune in as Chad Hufford and I chat about the importance of laying a strong financial foundation if you want to achieve wealth in all aspects of your...

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Episode 122 | Dana Diaz

EPISODE 122 What True Narcissistic Abuse Looks Like With Dana Diaz    with Dana DiazShow Notes Join me today for an insightful and informative conversation with Ms. Diaz as she tells us the story of how she became a victim of multiple narcissistic...

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