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305 Kingston Crescent

Winnipeg Manitoba

Canada R2M 0T5

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Mobile: +1 (204) 771 7650

Wondering when you can see me? Here are my office hours

Monday – Friday

8:30-2 pm,  4:15-6:15 pm

If these hours do not work for you – let me know and I may be able to accommodate you at another time.

What is the fee for service?

We start with an initial consultation that lasts 90 minutes and costs $220

Follow-up sessions :

75 minute follow-up – $200

60 minute follow-up – $155

45 minute follow-up – $125

30 minute – $ 70

Dr. Jonk is an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, a distinction earned through rigorous education, training, and testing.  As a Certified Practitioner, Dr. Jonk has attained advanced skills and competencies in the treatment of patients with complex, chronic disease, and she remains current on the latest advancements in functional medicine.

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