Couple Counseling Course

Before Tying the Knot!

Full disclosure…

I sat down to write content for this couple counseling course and felt overwhelmed! Why? Because how can I even describe the importance of this decision? It could be THE MOST important decision of your life. 

And who am I to be part of your decision?

I am confident AF about being the person to provide you with value because I have counselled couples for decades in my private practice. I have helped them through their worries, doubts and fears, and at the time I wrote this copy, I have been in a committed relationship for nearly 26 years. 


I would not consider my relationship one of great ease. We have had our full share of ups and downs where we both wanted to run away (and did) but came back. I have reflected A LOT on what makes a relationship work and have dedicated my life to studying relationships. I have seen the celebrations and the deep sadness in relationships. I have guided partners on when to separate and when to stay. 

I want to give you as much clarity and confidence as possible in choosing a partner because we want this partnership for life. 

Nothing is more devastating than breaking up a family and, more importantly, a dream. I know you have a dream you are following as part of this decision. You are dreaming about the wedding celebration, the romantic getaways you will share, the family, the career advancements, the home, the milestones, and the conversations on the porch when you are old and gray. Your partner is by your side in the last moments of life. 

Feeling the pressure?

That is why I am creating this couple counseling course because I want you to feel LESS pressure by making the choice to take this course. It is PENNIES compared to the cost of a divorce, and let’s not even think of the mental and emotional fatigue you would endure when ending a marriage.

Your investment | $555 USD

   Couple Counseling Course Topics Covered

  1. Why are we together anyway?
  2. I use a questionnaire I created to review your standards and values and how this measures up to your partners’ standards and values—a review of the non-negotiables in a relationship.
  3. What types of conversations must you have daily (connection, curiosity, and conflict)?
  4. What does balance in a partnership mean to you?
  5. How okay are you with conflict?
  6. What does independence mean to?
  7. What does intimacy mean to you?
  8. What does commitment mean to you?
  9. Finance!! Oh boy, let us talk about money honies…
  10. Drop the expectations, period. Be crystal clear that your partner is not changing for you.

What I like so much about this couple conseling group program is that you will likely make friends! Other folks that have the same worries, questions and concerns! Win-win…

We will have a Q&A as a final wrap-up to the course. You can make notes and gather your questions as the couple counseling course progresses. Then, you will submit your questions for me to answer on the final call.

Number of modules? No clue, sorry. I will only tell you that I will teach on each of the ten topics listed until I feel I am complete and then move on to the next, with an additional Q&A at the end.

Luella has been instrumental in resolving years of miscommunication between my partner and I. Without her guidance and support our relationship would not have endured one of the most traumatic incidents any marriage can suffer: infidelity. Luella was patient, and caring in our meetings. She taught us communication and coping techniques, which helped each of us understand what had long been missing in our relationship. We practice these lessons daily, and in doing so we have been able to re-establish a foundation of love and trust. I know we will continue to seek her support and guidance in the future.

Happy Couple