Today I wanted to share something about my services that I have not yet formally announced.

You may have heard me mention the term functional medicine to you from time to time. Let me briefly tell you what it is and why I decided to become certified as a functional medicine practitioner. If you go to the Institute of Functional Medicine website and look under Find a Practitioner and enter Manitoba Canada… you will find yours truly there, just me, all by myself 😢

It is a little lonely now, but I expect that might change over the years. I sure hope it does – because that would mean that more practitioners are getting interested in finding the root cause of their patients’ pain. Whether that pain is endometriosis, racing thoughts, depression, low libido, joint pain, chronic fatigue, or hypoglycemia. It doesn’t matter. What you describe to me in the room is your story and your symptoms. The diagnosis you come in with will not mean all that much to me. It is just a name your physician, psychiatrist, or WebMD gave to you. It describes your cluster of symptoms. That is all.

To make it extremely straight forward, let me offer you this analogy. If your indicator light goes off on the dashboard of your vehicle, would you be okay with being told by the mechanic ‘Oh, that is normal with this make of car’, or ‘it is normal when you reach this mileage’, or better yet, ‘if it flickers once or twice, it is still within normal range, so not to worry’, or ‘we ran all the tests, and it came back normal, it must be in your head’. Would you be satisfied with any of those answers? You would insist that they look under the ‘hood’.

In my new way of practicing, I look under the hood. I will ask you about past traumas, big and small. I will ask you for your recent lab work, I will ask you about your sleep, your menstrual cycle (if you have one 😃) and how you feel after you eat certain foods. That is just what I do. Finally, there is no ‘standard protocol to follow’ when I do treat you. Do you know why? Because, once again, you are that special little snowflake.

I may not be the right therapist for you – and that is fine. Different strokes for different folks, right? I am way too curious of a person to ignore all the other symptoms you have along with your anxiety, depression, addictions, and lack of focus. You were born inherently healthy and you deserve to live your life this way. And thus, I will be offering varying sessions on the booking site over the course of the next several weeks in order to serve you better. Changes will include type, length and fees for service.

Have a great weekend – and maybe we will see you ‘on the couch’.

“You were born inherently healthy and you deserve to live your life this way.”

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