I want to make this post brief as time is precious! The clock is ticking! But my message is very important.

All we have right now is this moment. We will never have a moment like we are having here – right now – ever again!

Honour it right now for what it is. Remember that staying in the present and allowing yourself the quiet moments just to ’think’ without the noise of the past and the expectations of the future is where we all want to strive towards in life.

The peace of this moment is all we can ask for right now. Whether you are reading this in bed, outside in nature, in the car, your kitchen, etc. Stop and take a deep breath and show gratitude for what you do have in life (Two hands? The ability to move? A roof over your head? Freedom to to express? )

Happiness is you right now, in this present moment. You are absolutely perfect just the way you are. Once you welcome and accept this into your heart and soul, everything you desire will fall into your lap. If you want to read more about this, you can read the blog post I am writing for you to post next week entitled New Year = New You.

Until then, please remember two things for me.

It is not when I have [———] I will be happy. It is when I am happy I will have [———].

For example, it is not when I ‘lose more weight, get the promotion’  I will ‘be healthy, feel satisfied, get the man of my dreams’… It is when I am healthy, accept myself as I am right now… ‘I will lose weight, etc. etc.’

As a society, we have it all backwards! You feed yourself and your soul first, and everything else you desire will come to you.

Trust me on this one…

Let your body and your mind do the work for you. Once you accept these two concepts into your heart and make that your intention, rather than a goal, then you will be fulfilled.  Intentions bring outcomes. Goals denote a certain level to achieve and when we get there, we get addicted to the thrill, rather than the result. So we keep on feeding that addiction.