Life is great until it isn’t. Your life can change on a dime. Whether it is the end of a relationship, caring for a sick parent or child, your own diagnosis, a pandemic, job loss, body image, or constant bouts of anxiety…none of us are immune to this.

So why are we trying to heal alone?

I strongly advocate for people to no longer suffer alone. For women, especially due to their desire for vulnerability, to be able to join a safe community so that they can receive support from other successful confident women in the group. The truth is that none of us are confident in all areas of our lives. I would love for all to get the support they need when challenging times occur because they will occur without a doubt.

I have three tenets foundational to my work:

    1. Making quality mental health services both affordable and accessible.
    2. Reminding you that you have the answer, I am merely your guide.
    3. Celebrate your vulnerability, not exploit it.

My podcast, I Think, I Can is all about the little choo-choo train that had the mindset of making it to the top. With a community of successful, intelligent, and caring women, we can provide help to the other engines making specific tough climbs in their lives.

As a certified functional medicine practitioner, my medical colleagues constantly reminded me that not only is your health everything, but your health is also highly dependent on your ability to manage stress. My 25 years of experience working as a therapist, and being a mother, wife, and daughter of an ageing parent, has taught me that burnout is a real thing and it happens quickly. After years of easily jumping out of bed to start your day, one suddenly becomes prone not to have the energy to do it any longer. You lose your WHY. Your life suddenly lacks purpose and reason.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, believe me, it may, and it can be a scary place to be. I am not speaking about clinical depression…I am speaking about life. It is when you start to question whether life is all about luck. Why was I born where I was, to the parents I have, in the country I reside, or with the parents I have or do not have…and all the things that have occurred to you in the past? Then comes the anxiety about what might become. How will my life continue to unfold?

We don’t have to do this alone. We shouldn’t need to do this alone. We need to share this human experience.

Birds of a feather…flock…Yes, together. It is better together. We evolved from tribes, so let us go back to the tribes and help each other along.

I want to let you know I am always here for you. Working in the background, playing with different ideas of how to give you access to excellent guidance.

If you resonate with this, please let me know. I appreciate your readership and your loyalty to my blog.