And yet, it is what promotes us to make a change. A change that often appears to be for the good. I have rarely seen anything bad come from change.

It just sucks that we have to go through ‘the journey of self-inquiry’ to get there. Why do we need to go through the valley of despair to get there?

I have been going through this personal renaissance of sorts. I remember exactly when it happened as well.

I was interviewing a guest on my podcast I Think, I Can who was a personal coach. I decided to hire him for a 1.5-hour consult. He asked me a simple question: On average, what percentage of the day would you say you experience joy? I can’t remember if I answered him or not but I certainly pondered the thought for some time. It bothered me to realize that I wasn’t joyful for much of the day. Why?

And so the journey began.

I think you have seen through my blogs and my work that I have tried a lot of new things over the last two years. My poor staff…my website designer has made multiple changes, and Samantha has incredible patience with me as well.

“Okay Luella, we are doing what now exactly?” Bless their souls.

Well, as I trudged through the valley of despair, I finally came upon a new frontier.

As you know, I have always loved to write. I talk about writing a book, but I knew I needed to be passionate about a topic and the topic wasn’t quite there. I didn’t want it to be just another self-help book. We have enough of those.

It finally occurred to me what I want to do. I want to continue writing newsletters speaking about important emotional and physical health topics, but do it for other companies, not just for my own. The off-shoot company will be called Mixing Business With Pleasure.

What does this look like for Luella Jonk Consulting?

I will still offer 1:1 private services (I will still be here as your therapist) but I will spend any other waking time and energy building this business through marketing and advertising. I am also absolutely committed to interviewing amazing people on my podcast. I love these intimate conversations!

I truly enjoy understanding people and why we behave the way we do to minimise unnecessary suffering. That will never change. I also strongly believe that no one should be suffering alone, and therefore want to bring this to company culture as well. I would love to provide a safe community for people to feel heard and understood. So, why not do it through an internal newsletter? Rather than people Google searching “help” for their emotional and physical health!

Social media is NOT a safe place. I am going to do my damndest to not advertise there as I don’t want to be on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. I know this won’t be easy but I will slowly try to transition more towards using LinkedIn, and less towards the others.

Cheers to a new beginning.