Love the One You’re With

If you needed to guess the number one reason couples end in separation and divorce, 

what do you think the answer would be? The most common answer I get is…

My expectations did not meet my reality.

And this is exactly how I define all therapy, individual or couple therapy. 

We come to therapy because we are either grieving what we expected did not happen or something happened that we did not expect. 

All therapy is grief therapy.

Stop ignoring the conflict between you both. Conflict is normal and it shows you care. Suppressing the ill feelings is a fantastic way to build resentment and when the layers of resentment settle like sentiment, you cannot see past the rock wall. Who is this person on the other side of the wall? And when the kids leave, you need to actually spend time with this stranger.

How do you think that will work? This is why the number of grey divorces is increasing. 

Your investment | USD 555

What you get

Love the One You’re With is a great way to reset your relationship before it gets to a point of no return. Spend this time now so you don’t spend the time in lawyers’ offices later. 

6-Day Program

Day 1: Creating the list of grievances and resentments.

Day 2: Airing out the dirty laundry.

Day 3: Creating solutions to the problem.

Day 4: Negotiation and compromise.

Day 5: Suddenly there is no problem.

Day 6: Review of the best way to minimize problems.


Dr. Luella Jonk is the best therapist that I have ever used. She saved my marriage! She doesn’t just sit and ask questions……she is active in the conversation.I also went through RTT therapy with her……unbelievable how much she helped me……I am so very thankful to have her in my life. I go back to see her periodically for a RESET. I totally recommend her to anyone with any kind of personal issues …..she WILL HELP YOU !

Tammy Webber