We all live two lives.

We have our work life and our personal lives. You may be the one who likes to live on the edge and blend both by having a midday rendezvous with their receptionist, a colleague, or the nanny.

In which case you are mixing business with pleasure.

However, I would hope that you don’t seek this type of pleasure at work. If so, maybe it’s time to seek some professional help to help you understand yourself a bit more. Afterall, that is what therapy is all about; understanding your behaviour more and why you do the things you do?

Was it conditioned in childhood? Or perhaps just part of your genetics in that your parents always mentioned how you are not like your siblings.

What is the benefit of finding out more about yourself?

In my opinion, there are many. One of those benefits is simply acceptance. It also paves a path towards where you are going in life. It may allow you to stop lofty daydreaming of what your life might be and instead accept what it likely will be instead.

For example, if you are a thrill seeker, a risk taker, and someone who needs adventure and abhors mediocre, it’s likely won’t be the 85-year-old that has lived a moderate quiet life with a partner of 40 plus years and retiring with a multi million managed stock portfolio. You will likely instead be by the person that has found more than one ‘soulmate’, witnessed different work and physical landscapes, perhaps have your therapist on speed dial, and lost it all a few times just so you could make it all back, and perhaps more.

To me, no one avatar is better than another.

And yes, I am including the person above who played hooky from work a few times while playing their most respective roles. Who am I to judge what they value? And if you find yourself judging one over the other, maybe ask yourself why this is triggering you. We all have self-agency to move towards people that are our like Self and leave the others behind.

Where do you feel most comfortable being your authentic Self? Either spend the majority of your time there or start changing your current environment at this location to be more of your authentic self (You now have permission to let your imagination run amok).

By being yourself, not only are you giving yourself a huge gift, but you are making more room for others who are like you, to find you, spend more quality time with you, and allow better lives to flow because of it.