In last week’s post, I outlined the initial steps you need to take in order to gain a better sense of self-awareness. 

This week I want to shed some light on the power of imagination and attention as a bridge towards reaching a new conceptulaization of self.

I, like many of you, was brought up in a culture that taught me to constrict myself in every sense of the word – to make do with very little, to appreciate the basics, to give thanks for what I had and be satisfied with what was in front of me. Nothing about that is necessarily wrong, but it does stop us before we start. This mentality stops creativity and the ability to dream.

To dream of a different life may be very difficult for some of you. That takes faith, trust, and, well, pixie dust.

We were taught that ‘daydreaming’ is a waste of time. We were told not to be attracted to the ‘shiny objects,’ as they will just lead us to disappointment.

But what if we just needed to believe in ourselves?

The power of belief comes through what we choose to focus our thoughts on. The more we focus on our desires, the more the thought is repeated in our minds, and the more we believe it to be true.

It is nothing less than fascinating to me that now, we often hear about ‘meditation’ and ‘quieting the mind’ and ‘sitting with your thoughts’ as being the answer to many of our problems. Interesting turnaround from when I grew up. And perhaps, if children were given more time to daydream instead of being so rigidly scheduled, we would see an improvement in emotional wellness in children. What kind of models do we want to be for our children? Do we want to move robotically through our day-to-day activities or be more intentional and present during our days, which will inevitably influence how they engage with the world.

“To dream of a different life may be very difficult for some of you. That takes faith, trust, and, well, pixie dust.”

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If what I wrote in this post is meaningful to you – if anything here has made you wonder what life might be like if you allowed yourself to be more present and become more connected with yourself – then I would love to have a conversation with you about it. Maybe you’re curious about what it would be like to use your imagination and focus your attention on your desires. Maybe you want to begin to intentionally feel your way through life rather than think your way through it, but you just don’t know how to get there.We can talk about how this new way of thinking could change everything for you…,

As I write this, an old song, not so surprisingly, just popped into my head: Do You Believe In Magic? (The Lovin’ Spoonful, 1965). The opening line asks, “ Do you believe in magic, in a young girl’s heart?” That magic – the kind we experience as children- is exactly what I am speaking about. It brings me great joy to reunite you with your inner child once again, to get you reacquainted with them, perhaps even forgive your adult self for not living your dream. I want to help you remember what you truly desire and redefine what you want your life to be, to set that goal, and then off we go to Never Neverland. That’s what the pixie dust is for!

Another nostalgic song is Supertramp’s Logical Song, the first verse of which reads “ When I was young it seemed like life was so wonderful, magical….But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical…” It’s so sad but true! And so many of us lost ourselves in the process.

I love walking beside my clients during the reconstruction of yourself. Because honestly, you will fumble on your way to the goal line (I know I did). I will help you pick up the ball and continue running.

Life is passing you by – don’t saunter. You must focus on your goal and move ahead, and you must do this for yourself.

How does that sound?

I have faith that you will do it. I trust you will do it. And if required, I may be sprinkling a bit of belief/pixie dust on you in order for you to do it. That is what coaching is all about.