There are so many things that I am excited for in 2020. I have never felt so excited in my life about the decade ahead, and I want you to feel this same excitement with me.

There are so many things that I wish for all of you in the decade before us, but if I had to choose my top two it would be:

#1 Peace of Mind

#2 Letting go of [fill in the blank] a.k.a. ‘baggage’

The favorite quote that I came across in 2019 is one from Thomas Edison.

Discontent is the first sign of progress.

I had no idea this guy had more than one ‘lightbulb’ moment 😉 I should have known he was no dummy.

Back to my post….

Do not focus on how unhappy you are about BLANK. Try to see it as your first sign of progress. You should now be getting excited.

Do you see that shift already? Maybe you just had a twinge of excitement for one moment. That tingling is what will keep the momentum going.

Most of our big shifts in life begin at that moment when you feel like ‘I am falling apart’. And I specifically chose the words ‘falling apart’ because we think we should be doing ‘something’ or being ‘someone’ or in ‘some’ sort of relationship.

Who said you should be doing anything? Society? An Angus Reid survey? Hollywood? Instagram? If you truly delve into where these ‘shoulds’ came from, it is likely patterns of thoughts/programming that were developed through the past several years or decades.

Furthermore, if you are trying to justify why you should keep ‘something’ that is all the more reason to release it!

Because…if it is truly in your heart, then you should never need to justify it. Do you need to justify acts of kindness, connection, or health?

So, if you hear that LOUD mind (the one that doesn’t shut up…the one that is always going) telling you ‘I should try to retain the relationship with … Dad, Mom, daughter, son, spouse, girlfriend….’

But your quiet voice (intuition, gut, soul, heart) is resisting…

LISTEN TO IT.   Honour it.

Because if you catch yourself justifying it…release it and love yourself for doing it.

All the best to you from me in 2020.