Free to Be Me – A Path to Self-Acceptance 


Follow the path to self-acceptance with PhD Luella Jonk. 

Do you know that the feeling of unworthiness is the number one reason for people’s stress, anxiety, and turmoils? After practising psychotherapy for years, I know this to be 100% true. 

Everything from relationship break-ups to financial instability, to deep depression and adult ADHD relates in some way with this sense of unworthiness. 

When I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and started to practise under Marisa Peer, I realized how true this actually is. When I went to the root cause of people’s hurt or problems, …

Unable to sleep, stop smoking, focus, chronic health concerns, etc., it always trickled down to self-worth. Let me give you some examples:

An estranged mother and daughter relationship. The mother is trying to reconnect to the daughter, who seemingly wants nothing to do with her. The mother is constantly reaching out or sending some form of financial support, and the daughter either takes advantage of her lack of boundaries or disassociates from her completely. The mother becomes depressed and miserable. 

What is happening here is that the mom feels an incredible amount of guilt and shame in the sense that she feels unworthy because of her daughter’s resistance to building the relationship. Why? We don’t know. However, she doesn’t need to know. 

But as humans, we don’t like uncertainty, so we need to know. This is the absolute truth. This is ‘fortunately’ or, unfortunately, the brain’s machinery. Our brain loves logic and certainty. It is our emotions that ‘f-ups’ the circuitry. 


Because with so many situations in our life, we want…but we ‘can’t. We desire…but we can’t. 

But what we don’t know is that…

We can’t because we are programmed to believe we can’t. Why? Mainly because our parents wanted to keep us safe. 

It all comes down to belief. You become what you believe. Your beliefs act as the neurocircuitry. Your beliefs is how the machine is manufactured. 

You know this is true. 


Why do some people seem to have ‘all the luck’? Why, for some people, wealth comes easy. Communication comes easy. Life just seems ‘easy’!!!

Life seems easy because they are choosing to believe it is easy. However, most people think this way because they were programmed to think this way. 

Only the brave are the ones that were NOT programmed to think this way but instead CHOSE to think this way. 

You need a lot of courage to change your beliefs. However, it is the key to happiness. 

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Free to Be Me – A Path to Self-Acceptance Program Testimonials

Thanks to Luella it has become abundantly clear how negative thought patterns can be so detrimental to ones health. With her gentle and empowering guidance I finally feel better, feel mentally and emotionally stronger and more in-tune with my body and my sense of self. I can finally begin to see the authentic me rising from the ashes of constant self-destruction, that no longer defines me. All aspects and dimensions of my health have improved thanks to her wonderful techniques to help me begin my journey to healing. She’s so personable and approachable, very professional and great follow up, I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of someone to talk to or just listen. Thank you for everything.

Female, 29 yrs

Free to Be Me – A Path to Self-Acceptance

What’s included

Module 1: Listening in silence – what do you hear?
Do you always feel out of place? Like you should act differently than how you normally act?

Module 2: Replacing Thinking with Contemplation.
Thinking is what ‘busy’ minds do. We are going to go from thinking to reflection, awareness, and intentional thoughts.

Module 3: Who am I now?
Good question. Can’t wait to find out.

Module 4: Calling in Spirit, you Source energy.
If you are not spiritual in the traditional sense, don’t worry. This is where we tap into your soul, and I know you have one!

Module 5: Incorporating the silence between the trigger and the response.
Just because you are more aware doesn’t mean it is easy to not react when triggered, I will teach you how to practice this skill.

Module 6: Embodying the heart-led way of living and what this looks like unique to you.
Simple practices/changes you can make today that will gradually bring your towards a more fullfilled life.