Self-Aware and Settled

 Achieving Peace of Mind and Empowerment.

  • 6-week/6 module Program
  • Q & A opportunities
  • Homework provided between modules

Once you become self-aware of your thoughts, you come to terms with fear. Silence quells fears, albeit not immediately. We will practice contemplative thought. At first, you will hear your mind. But with practice, you hear your soul. I took what I have learned about the mind as a therapist and combined this with Spirituality to create a powerful program. This is not your typical ‘toolkit or tips to combat anxiety.’  

Module 1: Understanding the Power of Your Thoughts

Module 2: Stop Giving Meaning to Your Thoughts

Module 3: How Has Fear Served You So Thus Far?

Module 4: Exploration of What You Beleive to be Your Truth

Module 5: The Key to Having Thoughts Work for us and not Against

Module 6: Taking the Lead Role in Your Life’s Story

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