Embodiment? Show Me

30 days of Rolling Peer-to-Peer Voxer Group (Chat and Voice)

This is for the person who truly wants to embody what they preach. It’s the step between deciding to believe and actually choosing to behave in this way. It is all about embodying the person you want to become. 

When joining, you will state your INTENTION and your WHY. Members can assist by helping you stay accountable for your transformation—a powerful commitment to one another. Once a week, I will add a supportive audio related to the group’s intention.

By the end of the 30 days, you have shifted towards the newly claimed identity. This is powerful. Women are helping other women stay true to themselves in parenting, career shift, becoming better partners, or health goals. Join at any time.

WARNING: Once you join, you may not want to leave! 

Included: A powerful MP3 from me on how I was able to show up differently in my own transformational spiritual journey. 

Your investment | $77.00 USD