Is This True?

  • 10-day Rolling Voxer
  • 10 Women. 

This is where we go to battle with our logical brain. We THINK the thought is true…but is it really true? Can this idea, thought, or belief that you have, be proven in a court of law? 

We will take your top consistent ruminating thought and prove it is not true – once and for all. 

Your thoughts, belief codes, source frequency, and vibrations reflect your current situation. So…you make a choice whether or not this is a worthwhile container to step into. 

Includes a 30-minute 1:1 call with me to activate the alchemy of this group before entering the group.

PLUS Voxer Chat, where you can ask one daily question.

Note: there is a lot of power behind hearing other members being coached. All the questions relate to you in some aspect of your life.

Your investment | $99.00 USD