How adopting the European Lifestyle

or TEL is a fun way of attaining a healthy mind-body connection.

Oh Please…do TEL is an 8-module course to curb your anxiety around uncertainty, become physically and mentally stronger, and create a sense of peace in your life.


What is it about TEL that makes a difference?

I am not claiming that if you jumped on a plane to Southern Europe right now, your problems would be solved…

Although, if you sent me to Venice and sat me in a cafe with a glass of wine, some Tuscan bread and Bufala mozzarella – I do think most of my problems would be solved!

Alas, I digress… 

I certainly realize you may be living in Europe right now and SUFFER in silence. If so,  you may argue that a European approach to life is simply not the answer…

But trust me, jump on board and go through this mindset makeover with me, and you will soon see what I mean.  

Your investment | USD 111

 And this is how we do it baby!

Module 1:
Your Identity: You are not who you think you are…You are so much more!

Module 2:
Owning Your Sensitive Side: There is no such thing as too sensitive or not sensitive enough.

Module 3:
The Mindset Makeover: Are you a realist or idealist, optimist or pessimist? Tomato, tomatoe, potato, potatoe.

Module 4:
Food is Medicine: Creating a healthy relationship with food through fostering kindness
towards ourselves and our food.

Module 5:
Movement is Medicine: Movement means muscle. Movement makes miracles. 

Module 6:
Nature is Nectar For Your Soul: Why caring for our environment is like caring for ourselves.

Module 7:
Financial Independence: Creating a healthy relationship with money. 

Module 8:
Live Q&A to make sure there is no stone left unturned.

Last year I found myself at a very low point in my life.  I took a leap and asked for help, not knowing where it would lead me but feeling open to it.  She has helped me to start to see the value in me, and my choices and start living for myself, not for other people.  And with that comes freedom.  Luella has become my own personal cheerleader, something I didn’t know I needed!”  

R.J. 40 Year Old female

May 3, 2022