The Story of a Flemish Woman’s Destiny 



Martine Janta-Polczynsk

by | Jun 14, 2022

Show Notes

I wanted to share a simple story with you of a woman I met in Tuscany. Martine Janta-Polczynsk invited us over for a beautiful dinner one evening. The view from her home was gorgeous and her energy was equally as attractive. If you want to see some images of that evening with Martine, be sure to visit my Instagram page.  

I just connected so well with Martine because I could tell she was a woman that embodies her spirit and leads her life from her desires, rather than towards her desires. One cannot just ‘think’ of what they want, they need to ‘be’ what they want before they experience it.  

For example, Martine needed to act as if she already had what she desired in order to have what she longed for…this is also so true in terms of attracting your soul mate. Begin to ‘be’ what you desire in your soulmate, rather than ‘naming’ what you want. Embody the energy of what you so long for in your life, and it will come to you. It is law! 



Luella Jonk


Martine Janta-Polczynsk

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