Have you ever thought of giving the gift of therapy? A way of opening the door for a loved one who may not otherwise have accessed this wonderful opportunity to look within?

If you would like to do this for someone else, reach out to me and let me know who you feel could benefit. I would be even more thrilled to know that it might go towards a man.

What is my WHY for suggesting this?

My why is simply because I know the magnitude of struggle that men go through in silence. The suicide rate for men (especially adolescents and young adults) has always been high, and things are becoming worse, not better.

I lost a cousin this year through suicide. My son’s friend’s father took his life in 2023, and my husband’s colleague’s son also took his life. That is three men in our small family of 5 individuals. I can only imagine that you too heard similar dreaded news in the last year.

These deaths are preventable. I understand that an initial consultation is not enough, but it is a start. It is hope.