This post is for those who feel they need to go to therapy forever because of the trauma they have experienced.

The good news is that you no longer need your therapist on redial. The bad news is that your trauma lives within your tissues.

I had a client call this week that made this an indisputable point. Here is the shortened version of her story.

She separated from an emotionally abused marriage many years ago. She was thriving. Incredibly independent and dedicated to both her son and her career. She also was excellent at balancing the two main demands of her life.

She was not a health ‘freak’ by any means but still remained in good health. Good genes (we joked). But a few months ago, she came down with a viral infection in her lungs and took her out for a few days. However, with rest, it didn’t take long to get back on track.

Here is the plot twist. Close to the same time that she was ill, she was also playing around a bit with online dating – it took her some time to get the courage. Well, the guy she thought was quite awesome was a jerk and ghosted her. Sad state of affairs that such cowards continue to exist these days…

Now this is when it gets interesting. From out of nowhere (or so it seemed) she started getting panic attacks, to the point where she felt she would faint on the way to work and turned around and headed to urgent care. Docs checked her out extensively, and she is 100% healthy. One of the docs did say this to her; however, he sees this quite commonly in women between the ages of 30-40 post-infection (viral/bacterial).

What my message is to you – just like your DNA, your environment will ignite your trauma. You will continue to be triggered by your trauma.

In functional medicine, we always say, ‘Your genes hold the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger’.

My guidance was teaching her how to regain control of her mind. I suggested ways to reprogram her mind to work for her, not against her. I sent her home with multiple exercises that focused on mind work and belief systems, creating a DAILY PRACTICE to change her belief systems, which ultimately resulted in being able to NOTICE the THOUGHTS stemming from the subconscious/trauma/tissues (SELF-AWARENESS), then consciously DECIDING that these fears are NOT AN OPTION because the truth is…

She is safe.

In summary, her weakened immune system and an environmental trigger (being ghosted by a coward) were enough to ‘pull the trigger’ and awaken the trauma stored in her tissues. However, with proper daily self-care and facing her fears of unsafety, she is changing her belief system one day at a time and therefore changing her life.

To learn more about how to Believe, Decide, Visualize, and Create/Manifest your reality, I have a great program starting soon called I Decide: Feeling the Freedom after the Decision. Dm me for details!