We must realise that we are going through our lives interpreting our surroundings through a lens of both ‘what commonly happens to me’ and with a type of ‘trepidation’ of what could go wrong.

Please step out of your perceived reality, which is all based on your past experiences. Instead, step into the present moment. It is a whole bright and new world on this side of the globe and I invite you to travel over here.

In human evolution, we are wired to protect ourselves from harm and therefore, we love to try to stay out of harm’s way so we don’t need to endure pain. But when you do so – you are no longer in the present, you are predicting the future!! It is impossible to do both. Thus prediction is an illusion.

Let’s repeat this together…

  • Prediction is an illusion
  • Prediction is an illusion
  • Prediction is an illusion

If I haven’t convinced you yet why worry/anxiety is meaningless – then here are more reasons to stop this ruminating cycle of ‘what could be’.

  • Life is too short to stay out of harm’s way; I would rather die trying than not try at all.
  • Risk is irrelevant and unmeasurable. What is risky for one is not risky for the other; otherwise, they wouldn’t do it.
  • The so-called risk-taker simply has a different mental construct mapped out than your own (which is based on the past and thus irrelevant because the world does not stay constant.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know; step out of your bubble of protection.
  • Prediction is an illusion; therefore, why not try, and more importantly, why worry about something that is uncertain? (Yes, I repeated it here again in case you sneezed earlier).
  • The only reason you see it like this is because you mapped it out as such; you are not your past. No one creates a map of how to get somewhere based on where they just came from. Each day is a brand new frontier.

Throughout life, we have always had a mentor, coach, or therapist be that guide so that we get to step into life rather than step out and hide behind our shadow… Indigenous tribes reached out to elders, yogis have gurus, and children seek grandparents’ knowledge. It only makes sense to seek advice and perspective of your sense of reality.