My room is a place where you will learn to build better relationships, change habits and get rid of anxiety. So much of how we manage our lives is based on habits. Habits of thought turn into habits of action and behaviour.

Chances are you came to my site because you are not happy with a thought pattern that you have developed. The thought pattern could be making you feel insecure and insecurity fuels negative patterns of thought. Thus it becomes a loop that is incredibly difficult to stop.

I can help you change the communication to develop better habits of thought. This will change all aspects of your life.

With a background in communication disorders, functional medicine, and psychology, I see myself approaching mental health as a system (mind and body). Consider me a ‘Project Manager’ for your life. That is because we are not created in parts; humans are created as a whole.

There are five lifestyle areas that I feel are important to keep in check at all times.

  • Relationships/Community
  • Rest/Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise/Movement
  • Spirituality

I purposely do not list Stress as a category – because if you don’t take care of these 5 areas, you will have stress in your life.

When you come to see me, you will leave with a lifestyle prescription.

I look forward to working with you.

What to expect out of this blog:

I will only embed links that might be necessary to take you back to an earlier blog post of mine (not to say that I don’t feel it is important to use other sources of information) but more so because it takes you away from staying on this specific topic and engaging in the flow of information.

I would suggest reading the rest of my post, then going to the link, because if you haven’t already read that post, it may help you to understand the current post more. Make sense?

All my posts will provide you with:

  • The Problem (you are currently experiencing in your life)
  • The Action Step (necessary to rid the problem from reoccurring)
  • Method (how to take this action step)
  • Analogy (I personally understand best from analogies, and I hope you might too)