Looking for a Subscription-Based Internal Business Newsletter Service? We Got it Covered!

Picture this: It’s a typical Monday morning, and I open my inbox with consultation requests. People are grappling with the stress of another work week, seeking answers to their pressing questions about improving their lives. Then, one day, I thought, ‘What if I could reach countless individuals with practical lifestyle hacks and habits to foster self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance?’

That’s where the idea of an Internal Business Newsletter Service was born. 

It is my solution for reaching out to more individuals, but it also provides a beautiful solution for companies wanting to do the same for their employees!

Imagine delivering a curated selection of original, meaningful content directly to employees’ inboxes every Monday morning. Our newsletters are packed with reliable resources to address the burning questions that keep them up at night, breaking the cycle of stress and ensuring they start their week on the right foot.

But it’s not just about boosting productivity; it’s about fostering a culture of care within your organization. Our customizable newsletters can include personalized company messaging and vital information, serving as a tangible demonstration of your commitment to employee well-being. How do I know? Because I am the psychotherapist with +25 years of experience that your employee potentially reached out to for help.

For employees, it’s more than just another email—it’s a lifeline. It’s an opportunity to feel supported, motivated, and equipped with the tools they need to thrive personally and professionally.

Ready to revolutionize your workplace culture?

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