Why Switching to Decaf

is a Good Idea



Chad Polski

by | Nov 14, 2023

Show Notes

As someone who drinks a lot of decaf coffee, it is important to know I am only ingesting quality ingredients when I drink, especially my coffee. Drinking coffee is a ritual I want to continue doing, which is why I decided to seek out the truth.  

Chad Polski is the owner of Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co., and his passion is roasting organic arabica, chemical-free decaf coffee. As a young Dad, working full time and doing ‘all the things’ Chad noticed his anxiety was peaking. He also realized that his caffeine consumption was contributing to his racing heart. This is where the world’s hunger for great-tasting decaf coffee and Chad’s passion connected to create a product that people were begging for…a clean, great-tasting chemical and mold-free decaffeinated coffee bean.  

In this episode, we hit on all the nuances of producing a great decaf coffee and why the organic chemical-free decaffeination process of Swiss Water is so important.  

Learn more at BlueSpruceDecaf.com

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