What it Really Takes to Change Yourself,

Your Wealth, and Relationships; It Turns Out It is Not That Complicated.



Luella Jonk

by | Dec 5, 2023

Show Notes

I woke up one morning feeling happy, content, fulfilled and at peace. This happens a lot. Not every day is a great day, but most days are. Why? Because I am nurturing my mind, body and relationships every day. I try to practice a lot of self-awareness or mindfulness and learn what helps and hinders me. I change my thoughts, what some might call reframing, and life according to changes. And if I can’t find the answers within my self-reflections, I seek the answers elsewhere.  

Ignorance drives fear, and education is invaluable. You can’t learn what you unlearned any more than you can’t unsee what you have seen. In this episode, I get very raw and vulnerable. I cry (unexpectedly) because I am human, and I want to be human.  Self-honesty is one of the keys to change; this podcast is all about change. 

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