Client Interview: Stop Lying To Yourself 



Luella Jonk

by | Jan 16, 2024

Show Notes

I loved hearing my client reiterate her past five years of working with me and working on herself. Anne (not her real name) noticed how she often made excuses about why she felt stuck and what she was doing was lying to herself.  

Change is never easy and always exciting. I have a few clients whom I joke with and tell them, ‘It’s never a boring session with you.’  

That is a true compliment because, you know what? Change means new…and if your life is mediocre, you are not evolving, which entails making many mistakes. My job is simply to guide you towards embracing your individuality and reminding you that you are doing this for a reason. Self-reflection is worth it, and incredible freedom is on the other side of that facade.  

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