Use These Love Hacks To Reconnect With

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Kelli Miller

by | Feb 13, 2024

Show Notes

Kelli Miller just launched her new book, Love Hacks (CDN listeners, you can pre-order it today; its release date is February 23, 2024). Love Hacks identifies fifteen common relationship challenges and provides three innovative “hacks” for each. Designed to address the most common problems in couples, Kelli’s solutions are simple, effective, and usable anywhere and anytime. Best of all, her clients have field-tested these techniques with excellent results. 

From the chair of one psychotherapist to another, Kelli and I had an engaging discussion of the common pitfalls couples fall into. Listen in because this episode provides relationship advice and tips so that you can walk away with tools, tips, and ‘love hacks to begin to use and start incorporating in your own relationship today.  

Enjoy the show. 

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