It’s Time For Women To Get More Comfortable Managing Their Money



Patti Handy

by | Feb 20, 2024

Show Notes

If you are like me, even the phrase Excel sheet is enough to make you run in the other direction. Well, fear no more. Money and financial literacy are our friends! Today I had a very educational and insightful interview with Patti Handy, a financial advisor and coach whose goal is to ensure that women stay informed as to how to access, manage, and grow their money.  

After spending a combined 20 years as a Financial Advisor and Mortgage Advisor and having countless conversations with women, Patti decided to pursue her dream of Financial Coaching for Women. She is a teacher at heart, and I love to educate and empower women with money smarts! Patti Handy is a Certified Executive Coach and certified Life Coach, holds a Real Estate Brokers license and is a published author of four books. 

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